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Your Golden Nasaka Dragon: Level CC (200)
Speed: 200
Map jump: Anywhere
Armor: 200
Pierce A: 200
Attack: 200
Gender: Male
HP: 3000
Sight: 200
Ability: Corrosion)Blast magical spell, LVL 5 to use, anywhere from 10-50 damage.
Ability: Magical Armor) Block all magical attacks, but you cannot attack with physical attacks for 3 attacks.
Ability: Golden Spine) 50% physical damage reduction, last for 10 of your attacks. Cannot use magical attacks while effect active
Ability: Fire Zaza) Opponent can't attack until you get in one hit. Disables opponents magical damage for 5 attacks, and reduces speed to 0 Pierce armor AND armor go to 0, no abilitys can be used for an entire turn. LVL 160 to use
Ability: Earthworm Pierce) opponent must stay still and have less than 50 speed. Subract opponents CURRENT armor from 200, then take the difference and multiply by 10, the product ='s damage, once per fight, enemy creatures can not use abilitys rest of fight. LVL 200 to use
Ability: Dragons Recoration*) a Nasakas ultimate move. Only usuable 2 times per duel, cannot be asorbed or blocked. Nasaka Recovers 3000 hp, and does 1500 hp damage, if opponent has 0 pierce armor, do 2000 more damage, if they have 50- normal armor do 3000 extra damage. BUT if your sight is 100- subtract 5000 damage. LVL 150 spell

Armor: Super Golden Dragon Wings :60 armor: Diamond Dragon Plate Mail :100 armor: Full Dragon Helmet :70 armor: Ultimate Diamond Tail Whip :50 phys attack:40 defence: Dragon Amulet of Death :Magical, Physical att 150 power:+80% experience after battle:

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