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August 16, 2003

Summers over! Updates to retrotic is up. We have removed The crusade section. Added many new features which can be read at MAIN section. New links, New features, including no right clicks, added the world link. Soon to add all buildings available in the ages. Battle plot has also been changed. It is now a seriously ALL out war. You work on a character and treat peasants to do your bidding. If another player knocks you out your status are cleared and you will have to restart when the wars start up again. you can attack anytime you are ready. KEEP IN MIND this is just a small beta! If this doesnt work out i will put it back to normal, where you just work on one character, if you die you restart with the same status. I will be adding a poll soon in which you can check off your opinions. *non retrotic Players* You can help participate in the polls, and maybe I can select you into a group to test over internet. if you would be intrested please send me a message anytime by MSN, yahoo, or AIM or email. Thats all until next time. Enjoy the updates and come up with ideas for more!

May 15, 2003

The hintful wizard has been rumored to be a priest, or even a great fighter! He could be giving lessons. Down in goblin shop: "Hurry Folks once in a while sale! BUY the new limited addition Huranite RING for just 5000 dollars! what a bargain, its the only one in the entire land, get it now! Also, the prices of Winged Helmet and horned helmet been reduced by 1000 g. Sydiz Pulls a slaying Victory from Judik, and portas grasp! It was a brutal outbreak on last weeks crusade. Sydiz High mage Serpent Pulled out a stunning blizzard to KO all defending forces. Will there be any champions brave enough to help defend these loyal countrys. The outcome was Brutal in Eternal Desert last night. All 3 towns met in the middle at shrine of Sagayot. The unmighty finish went to porta, and there Gyushu, there best dragon-type summon.

AND UNTIL NEXT TIME! my fellow warriors, eat well and defend your nations! GM

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