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Magic Missle: Basic Spell, 8-20 damage

Heal: Heals 20 damage

Recall: Takes you back to town

Energy Bolt: does 2x damage, 8-18 damage

Fire ball: Does 3x damage, 8-20 damage

Great heal: Heals 50 hp

Summon Creature: Summons a Creature to assist you

Invisibility: Makes you invisible

Lightning: Varies.

Poison Cloud: Does 50 damage every 10 seconds for 40 seconds, Psns.

Ice Strike: Freezes, does around 40-60 damage.

Beserk: Double Physical Damage. 40 Seconds

Energy Strike: Does around 80-100 damage.

Earth Worm strike: Drains Opponents Stamina and does around 80-100 damage.

Absolute Magic Protection: Protects all magic attacks.

Lightning Strike: Just like Meteor strikes Magical damage.

Meteor Strike: Hits twice, one physical one Magical.

Illusion: Makes enemy see everything as you.

Blizzard: Hit's 5 times. Freezes total of 10 seconds.

Mass Illusion: Makes enemy see everything as you.

Retro-Strike: See Retro-Wave, -200 power.

Dark Beam: Dark Attack with Meteor Strike Power.

Light Beam: Light attack with Lightning strike power. Stuns enemy.

Retro Blast: Refer to retro-wave, -100 power.

Ice Blast: Ice Strikex2, Freezes

Ice Bolt: Ice Blastx2, Freezes

Ice Wave: Ice Boltx2, Freezes

Ice Pillar: Ice strikex3, freezes

Retro Wave: Freeze, stun, paralyze, burns, and scares opponent.

Meteor Storm: Meteor Mashx2 Grand Magic Generator during crusades produces this. Does around 2,000 damage if not protected from magic.

Blast of Life: If you or ally/opponent exactly half hp, will fill to full.

Gravity Blow: Releases your opponent into the air and does Ice Pillar damage.

Ultra Nova: Creates Absolute protection from magic and Physical attacks for 1 turn, 50% success.

Moon clash: Stuns for 5 seconds and does a decent energy strike damage.

Meteor Mash: Meteor strike x10, Hurls at foe Only activated during Crusades, Does not gain 30% damage.

Bloody Shock Wave: Launches blizzard like attack, gains 2 damage for every 10 Vitality.

Ice Storm: Opponent takes 9 damage every 5 seconds for 40 seconds, while contained in ice storm. 4 x 4 range

Mass Fire Strike: Launches 3 fire strikes with added flying damage.

Retro-Ressurection: Summons a giant portal with Abbadon or Apocalypse attacking.

Earth-Shock-Wave: 5x EarthWorm Strike damage, Breaks armors. Drains Stamina from enemy.

Lightning ShockWave: 6x Lightning strike damage, breaks necklaces, rings. Drains Magic Power from enemy

Massive Heal: Heals 120 damage every cast.

Retro-Shock: Stuns enemy temporarly with 100-130 damage.

Flame Pillar: Blast a pillar of fire and melts the foe's mp by 10.

Destruction: Obliterates Pets

Double Beserk: Triple Physical damage for 40 seconds.

TigerWorm Claw: Slash with the Power of a tigerworm, Magic power.

Flash: Stuns enemy for 10 seconds. Wears off when hit with magic.

Cancel: Cancels Magic attacks or effects (PSN, AMP, APFPA, PFA, RR, R, and beserk)

Sunny Flight: Causes fire attacks to have +10 damage for 5 shots.

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