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April 21, 2002

We are going to move from angelfire when a new host is avaliable since angelfire a bunch of retards that cant do crap. Added music to --> abbadon section + apocalypse as well as this page. Music different for each server.

March 28, 2002

Well I changed the statistics you start with, they are Stamina, Power, Movement, Sight, Strength, Magic, Wisdom, Focus..., one step at a time and I will have this settled.

March 10, 2002

Not much updating, but new ideas. This includes an increase in the Retrotic economy, adding of some spells including Cancel, Lightning ShockWave, and Flash. All new spells can be viewed under Magic List. A brief description will be added to each spell shortly

October 3, 2001

More updates, including the reupdation of master banner (which was suppose to come out last month, but my backup images were deleted). I've added a test page, and a page for old news (which will show up soon.) I will soon be releasing the massive update known as the 'Seperation' Whereas the play area will be divided into two parts (The apocalypse) and (The Abbadon) Which are ideas founded by Helbreath will be formed. During this massive update > Dice roll values will be increased, and new magical spells added, here is a little peak:

Magical Spells

Massive Heal
Flame Pillar
TigerWorm claw
Double Beserk

there will be more added in a later update

August 23, 2001

New updates to the website including Dragon Palace 2 and master version. At level 200 you can visit the dragon palace for Training, and status updates. When you activate Dragon Tower 2, your status will be updated to master version. Your banner will change. After master version, THERES A HUGE Music file. If you want to listen just sit and wait. Go to The Dragon palace if you want to view the master banner and listen to the music.

Edit: MY Disk has deleted itself, This includes the new master banner, multiple images, music files, and my backup files. Until I can replace these dont expect any new Image updates.

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