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Good news Retrotic players! As you can see above, Im starting to get the hang of image mapping which = ... MAPS! ya! Soon i will add a worlds map, and a clickable area.


ALMOST got passwords figured out! arghh

'Please My mighty townsmen. Slay Wyvern!'
'RUN! Invasion! The Crusade has started!'
'Nonsense, This beast, that we call Syga is nothing like you faced...'
'Hah you think your all mighty? Go on my quest!'
'Argh, Im finished'
'Watch out its Sagoya!'
'Those dirty Sydians are gonna pay!'
Those Nasty Portians better get lost!'
'Those Stupid Judians are gonna answer to us!'
'Why have you dare waken me?'
'Aha Say goodnight!'
'I possess the power of all 7 dragon relics!'
'The greatest warrior and mage of all!'
'The snow storm has started.'
'Its about our damage production'
'Sorry, your town has lost this weeks crusade, better luck next time... You have gained 1000 exp points'
Your team is victorious! you gain 10000 exp points, and 1000 prize gold.'
'I summon the power of Relical, The mystical beast!'
'I will torch you from head to toe...'
'Heh, your arnt so tough little one, you deserve to roast in the pits of Retrotic...'
'I bring forth my ultimate power! Obliteration!'
'The snowstorm has brewed, Each team without shields have taken 2 crusade shield damage. Wont be long now...'
'Yes we are winning the crusade!'
'No!!! we are losing!'
'Go my soldiers! With your damage increased by 50% these fools should be no problem!'
'You hold the legendary Hisao... Please sir dont slay me... Ill do anything!'
'Hehe, this is the way you treat me for all I done for you? Your asking for it now!'
'No... Im in the pit of Retrotic...'

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