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Hello players! Now that the summer is over I hope we can get some new updates on Retrotic 2.0, we have some brand new ideas lets check them out.

Taming skill has been added: Ability to tame creatures, like the almighty dragons, horses, dragons, chickens, and much much more! Animals assist in battle, and can have armor/attack upgrades. They increase speed, and can help you get to random maps.

Breeding skill has been added: Your tamed animals can breed, and make new eggs. Sell these for good cash. Eggs may also sell good to other players.

Castles have been added: ability to build houses and castles on a bought piece of land, VERY expensive, used for the most experience players. If you get enough Players to join your town, your town can take part in the all out war.

Gold mining skill added: With this new mining skill, at 50% mining you can obtain gold from rocks. Per click you can usually obtain 100-10,000 gold!

WoodCutting Skill added: cut down trees and give the wood to your town centers, You get to help choose what should be added and where at! I will be setting up maps soon. Stone mining also helps build castles, walls, gates ETC.

Town center Building and ages: Yes it has arrived! The Ages! Start in Nomad age, with just a town center, collect wood and food supplys to make peasants to serve you, Build times can last days, and multiple buildings can be piled up on a que line. Then advance to Tool age. Then Fuedal, then Castle, then iron, the imperial. Each age allows more Army and more building capabilitys.

Farming skill has been added: Gain food for yourself, creatures, or buying peasants, Peasants sell for 1000 food and you can find them at the main page market, Food also Raises horses which may be useful for armys. Peasants can be trained Under Wizards, or through long training at barracks.

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