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101 East County Line road
Edinburgh, IN 46124

Edinburgh Community School Board
300 South Keeley
Edinburgh, IN 46124

Dear School Board:
I would like to send to you an opinion of weighted grades. It has come to my attention, and perhaps alot of others, that grades with passing status are easy to obtain. The reason this concerns me is because people with little or no educational status are slipping by with a grade that is meant for the people who work hard. If you consider the many options at hand here you will see that perhaps the grades need to go on a different scale that makes students work.

If grades were pushed back into a weighted status, where they were more difficult to obtain, there would be downfalls to this, as almost everything. There are many reasons why these weighted grades wouldn't be such a splendid idea, lower graduates, worse grades, bad impression for your school, and countless other things. This can slightly sway the balance of view in the schoolboards opinion.

As well as downfalls, the weighted grades could help assist in many other concepts and essential details. If someone doesn't pass, they obviously didn't have the skill or talent required, thus they have to retake their school year until they get it correct. Students would work harder to graduate, raising their intelligent greatly. When students graduate from High School they will have more skills required in life with the boosted amount of intelligence required. Considering the fact of weighted grades would help students quite a bit, it would sound like a good idea from a perspective I am currently viewing.

Neutral views can be relevant to this topic as well. Within each and every persons perspective you see many different ideas. A neutral way of viewing this topic is considering that weighted grades would harm over ninty percent of our student body, but if weighted grades become implemented, perhaps the number would drop fifty percent. Even though this is leaving another forty percent of lazy workers, you can already notice the increase of intelligence that is being emitted by the students.

No matter how you view it, the main reason these weighted grades should be added to our school is for the students sake. Even if teachers have to do more work then before, wouldn't you rather have intelligent students rather then lazy teachers? If a student doesn't get their work done a punishment can be added. Examples would be harder work, more work, extra class time, detentions. If you think these weighted grades are bad for our school system I really pity you. Not only are you holding back on things I could learn, let alone want to learn, your preventing our future generation from extending further into the world.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Osceola Hursey

Joseph Hursey

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