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well u start with Stamina, power, movement, sight, Strength, magic, Wisdom, Focus.... Max level 160, 4 points per level, 11 hp per Focus, +1/2 hp per level, Wisdom gives x1 exp extra per 10. Strength - Weapon Damage / Max HP / Stamina Wisdom - Spell Arsenal / Max MP (If your using MP) / MP Regeneration Constitution - HP Regeneration / Max HP / Poison & Other Things / Stamina Dexterity - Basic Skills (Movement/Speed/Sight) / Invasiveness (aka Dodging) / Hit Prob./ Aim (Ranged) Intelligence - Spell Damage / Spell Arsenal / Focus Charisma - Attractiveness (Maybe for summoning) / Leader~ Each time cast a spell use part of a slate, Basic, Intermediate, Master. Make Gemstone staffs etc with extra damage or less use of a slate. Swords to drain power from slates