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Motion Control Shoe Review


Motion Control Shoe Trends The combination of better engineering and lighter materials means that motion control shoes are also able to slim down. The use of EVA midsoles with polyurethane sockliners (innersoles) has provided the protection while lightening the overall weight of many motion control shoes.

Puma Complete Peerless

Puma Complete Peerless
The Peerless, while not their first motion control shoe, is a turning point. The motion control is right down the middle of the road, which provides good performance with the cushioning of the Cell technology.

Adidas Equipment Tyranny

Addidas Equipment Tyranny
The update to the Tyranny follows with adidas' pattern for dramatic visual change. The motion controlling technology is effective, relying on lateral and medial support of a large Torsion dam to curb overpronation. The cushioning offers the smooth transition expected of adidas, with a large Ultrastrike heel pad and very good forefoot flexibility.


Asics Gel MC plus V
All areas needing attention have been addressed: cushioning, forefoot flexibility, and widths. The cushioning has been accomplished with the use of SpEVA and DuraSole in the forefoot, turning an adequate ride into cushioned comfort. Adjustments in the upper and forefoot design and fiddling with the flex-grooves has greatly improved the forefoot flexion. A redesign in lasts has developed true width sizing to better accommodate squarish feet.

Brooks Beast

Brooks Beast
Of course, taming the overpronating foot is the forte of the Beast and the current version continues that role. The technology is still in there, but perhaps the least-expected feature is the polyurethane sockliner, which provides durable comfort.