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Finding The Best Shoe For You
This article is written by Martin Rudow. He explains what type of shoe you should be looking for. He explains how it depends on the type of running you do, your arche, if you have any ankle problems, ect..
Cushoned Shoe Review
Contains new spring shoes that provide the optimum cushoning. These are shoe that were maid for a runner with bad joints and its best area is cushoning. Also contains shoe scemeatics.
Light Weight Shoe Review
Light Weight shoes are only put in here if they meet a certain criteria. (They cant weigh over a certain weight.)
Motion Control Shoe Review
This site contains info on new shoes. It says how they did during testing and if they should even be worn. This also contains all of the scemeatics of the shoes. The shoes in this area must provide optimum protection against injuring yourself.
Trail Shoe Review
These shoes are the best for off and on road running. They provide stability, are somewhat light weight and, give great traction and cushoning. Mainly for cross-country or trail runners.
Jim's Favorite
These are the shoes that I personaly prefer. Remember that every one is different and just because I like them it does'nt mean that they are the shoe for you.

*Note: All shoe review pictures were provided by excluding the Jim's Favorite category.