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One of the best Techniques of running is called the "TURN AND BURN". It is used every time you go by a corner. All you have to do is drop your sholder towards the direction you are turning and speed up. This will burn out the person behind you because every time you turn, you get farther ahead of him/her. Thats when they break, they think that they will never be able to catch back up with you so they slow down and give up on you.

Steve Prefontane

One of the key elements in a race is at the start, not to get caught inside, or pushed outside the course. You must make good decisions on where to start, some runners lose a lot of time because they get caught in the inside or have to make wide turns. Think about where you should start in a race, dont just "jump in".

Steve Prefontane and his coach discussing the upcoming race

Steve Prefontane 1/25/1951-5/30/1975 Olympian

Take it from Steve Prefontane, "Run Your Own Race". It is important that you pace your self. Dont try to keep up with the person in front of you because chances are, he will eventually slow down to his race pace or even slower. You should be running a hard steady pace gradually getting faster and gaining on the runner in front of you. Since he went out so fast, he will fall behind you because he used most of his energy at the begining and you conserved it. If you conserve your energy and "run your own race", then you will be very dominant on the track.

It is the tendancy of some runners to slow down when they go up a hill. Yet, that is one of the worst and most occurring mistake that a runner does and it is supposed to be one of the best places to speed up. If you keep your pace going up a hill then you wont get passed. In fact, you will pass up other runners. It will even have the "burn the turn" effect on them. Passing on a hill burns a runners mind more than almost any other technique there is available to runners today.

It is also important that you strech before and after you run, especialy when its cold out. You are more susceptible to injury when it is cold out because your muscles tighten up easier. After you are done stretching, you dont want to stop moving because you will just tighten up again. You should remember to dress 10 degrees cooler out than it really is because your body heats up immensely when you run.