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Height:5'6" Weight:140lbs. Age:21 Hometown:Pittsburgh, PA Alignment:Heel Stable:NHBW Theme Song:Alive (Drain) Trademark:Pain Blossoms (low blow) Finisher:Butterfly (Baldo Bomb)

What two words best describe Steel Magnolia?TOTAL BITCH!!!If you don't believe that, ask Sex Appeal. Steel Magnolia was originally introduced into NHBW as a member of M.O.M. as Sex Appeal's valet/girlfriend. She turned on Sex Appeal; helping to perpetuate his breakdown, just when he needed her most. She was angry at him for giving up his title. She is a person that prefers the flash and high lifestyle of champions.
At "When Worlds Collide", she teamed up with Maximum Steel(now known as Devin). She is a former member of The Clique.She has helped her wrestlers win quite a few times with her interference or distractions.
She is the only woman in NHBW at this point and time. Although some of the guys seem hesitant to attack a woman, she doesn't have ANY problem with attacking them.
This is Steel Magnolia giving Rigor Mortis a HARSH chair shot!!
With the possibility of bringing in more females, and the addition of the Woman's Title, she is a shoe in to hold it as long as she wants it.

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