"I am the greatest and by God the sexiest man alive!"
"I am vicious and delicious"
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Height:5'11" Weight:150lbs. Age:20 Hometown:Hollywood,CA Alignment:Heel Stable:Suicidal Youth Theme Song: Nookie Remix (Limp Bizkit New Old Songs)

Trademark:Sweet Temptation

Finisher:G-Spot Drop

Sex Appeal is an odd character. It all started back in the summer at the "When Worlds Collide" PPV, when he was the leader of a dominant heel stable called M.O.M(Ministers of Mayhem). That day changed his life forever.
First off, he was the heavyweight champ and was going to give that up, which caused problems with his "then" girlfriend/valet "Steel Magnolia". She left him for Maximum Steel.
Then M.O.M. was destroyed by the defection of Renegade Billy Law. Afterwards, Sex Appeal got his leg broke by Vyle. Then the one time commisioner of NHBW put his commisionership on the line to the first taker. LaCucaracha came out of nowhere and beat him,thus taking the title of commisioner. This combination of events caused him to have a nervous breakdown.
It was months before he returned to NHBW.While he was recovering, he lost weight and is now no longer a heavyweight. He is a cruiserweight.
Shortly after his return, he aligned with Bishop Vyle and Lowrider(leaders of all the major factions) to form Sinners Inc. Since the break up of Sinners, Sex Appeal has formed a tag team with Devin Steel and joined up with the Clique. Now, since The Clique is disbanded, he and Rigor have aligned themselves together as Suicidal Youth.
Although he seems somewhat mentally unstable, his wrestling ability seems to be unaffected. In fact, he seems a bit more violent and aggressive in his attacks.
Sex Appeal currently holds half of the Tag Team Titles . In the past he has held the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Titles. Both more than once. This is definately a character worth watching. You never know what he'll do next.

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