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Height:5'9" Weight:215lbs. Age:????? Hometown:MTV Studios Alignment:Jobber(heel) Stable:Anti-Workers Comp Theme Song:Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)

Trademark:"The Most Elecrifying Move In Music Entertainment":The Moonwalk Elbow

Finisher:Flat On His Back For A 3-Count

The Rock Star was introduced by the Funk, and together they formed Anti-Workers Comp. He is a comical character who likes rock-n-roll music and enjoys playing a pretend guitar(most of the time it's whatever he picks up). He lies to cause trouble and is VERY mischievious. Between him and the Funk there is always trouble stirring. He doesn't say anything, only points to the goofy grin on his face. He somewhat resembles Micheal Jackson, but that is only a speculation on our part. The theme music is also what points that direction-Alien Ant Farm's remake of "Smooth Criminal". Don't really know too much about this fellow either as he is a fairly new wrestler in NHBW. We will inform you of more as we know more.


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