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Rigor Mortis

Weight:250lbs. Height:6'5" Age:18 Alignment:Face Stable:Suicidal Youth Origin:Atlanta, GA Theme Song:Die,Mother Fucker,Die(Dope)


Finisher:Samhein (Emerald Fusion)

What to say about Rigor... He's one big dude! This is a very talented man. He reminds us of our dead wrestler Devin Steel, only better.
He has the best Big Boot that we have ever seen. He is famous for his kindo stick he carries everywhere. He is a multi-fed type of guy. He wrestles not only with us, but he also belongs to CWF (Clarksville Wrestling Federation), and he has made appearances in the famous PSW. What else to say about this guy? Check out our links page and go to CWF's site to find out more.

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