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R.I.P 1998-2001

Height:5'11" Weight:175lbs. Age:15 Hometown:Tiajuana,Mexico Alignment:Face Stable:Mexican Mafia

Trademark:El Loco Hammer
Finisher:El Loco Splash

El Loco is the 2nd born of the four brothers of Mexican Mafia, although he has long, flowing, white hair. He likes to dance. He really loved his chihuahua, and since it got run over back in the summer, he has had serious issues. To date, no one has ever figured out who ran over his dog. He is still looking and we feel sorry for the person that did it! There's not a whole lot of comedy to El Loco, but there is definately an aura of energy coming from this fellow.His wrestling is very energetic and intense. El Loco seems to be the black sheep of the four brothers. Just remember that if you have run over a chihuahua lately, STAY OUT OF HIS WAY. And whatever you do don't mention it to him.

El Loco is seen here with Taco jr.

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