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Height:6'1 1/4" Weight:Superlightweight Age:17 Hometown:The Best Little Whorehouse in Tijuana Alignment:Face Stable:Mexican Mafia Theme Song: Jump Around (House of Pain)

Trademark: Mexican Hangover
Finisher: Mexican Sunrise

LaCucaracha is the oldest of the four brothers that make up Mexican Mafia. He once held the commisionership of NHBW. He won it from Sex Appeal at the PPV "When Worlds Collide". He held it until Bishop Vyle took it from him at gunpoint. LaCucaracha is a talented wrestler,as seen here executing a crossbody that looks like he is going to miss, but he makes it.

He likes to stomp people's feet,STEAL HUBCAPS,pepsi's, and anything else he can get away with. He is a fairly comical character. He has a sense of humor, even when things go wrong.(Like when the wrong theme song is played)

This is LaCucaracha hard at work on American Psycho's truck.

This picture is of LaCucaracha's backyard.