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Height:6'0" Weight:215lbs. Age:21 Hometown:White House, TN Alignment:Heel Stable:Bloodbath Theme Song:Down With The Sickness (Disturbed)

Trademark:X-Rated Elbow

Finisher:Sterilizer(Double UnderhookDDT)

This guy came from another federation called W.A.W.(whoop ass wrestling). He was the World Champion. He has also held the Tennessee State Title.
He has always been a face since he came to NHBW until the Eric Brown memorial show, then he joined forces with Bishop. Is nobody safe from Bishop's manipulation?
At one time he was friends with Lowrider; who brought him to NHBW, and Maximum Steel (who has since turned to Devin and went heel along with Lowrider). At one time he had a rivalry going with Devin Steel, whom he won the title from.
Since coming to NHBW he has risen from the bottom to the top quite rapidly. He has been very successful in this federation.
Shown here slamming the head of Devin Steel into a steel chair.

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