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"True Hero"

Height:6'2" Weight:130lbs. Age:22 Hometown:A Town Near You Alignment:Neutral Stable:NHBW Theme Song:Take Your Best Shot (Dope)

Trademark: Damien Driver

Finisher: Fallen Star

Damien is one of the most overused and underrated wrestlers in NHBW.He was a heel at one time when he became a member of Bloodbath.He had never been anything but a face before, and wasn't very comfortable as a heel. When he went heel, it was a shock for everyone. Now;by his own testimony,is a sworn enemy of Bishop Vyle and any who align themselves with him.
He was a long time face and now he is a neutral.
Damien has a lot of pent up aggression and it's all finally coming out.Damien's moves have gotten a lot more intense as his aggression builds. He has a head scissors that if you blink, you will miss it because it's that fast.Damien's aggression has now reached a boiling point.He was the longtime cruiserweight champ, but after a brutal match, he retired and so did the cruiserweight belt.
Damien has held the Cruiserweight Title a total of 10 times,which is a record for NHBW.He has also held the Sumner County Title, and he is the current World Title holder.

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