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"The DreadLord"



Height:6'1" Weight:185lbs. DOB:10/24/66 Alignment:Heel Stable:Bloodbath (Leader) Theme Song:Turn Me On Mr. Deadman

Trademark: Absolution
Finisher: Crucifix Powerbomb
Submission: Repentant Sinner
Origin: The Great Blight:Home of the DreadLords.A land where death roams freely; but occasionally even death takes cover,for there are worse things about.

Vyle was the leader of Sinners Inc. and Bloodbath.He is a former heavyweight champ who renounced the title. Now the commissioner of NHBW, after threatening LaCucaracha at gunpoint.

Vyle is loyal only to his own agenda, which is known only to himself. He aligned himself with former Blood enemies; Sex Appeal(formerly M.O.M. leader)and Lowrider(formerly NHBW leader)to form Sinners Inc. in a transparent effort geared towards total domination of NHBW. They quickly disbanded when Devin and Steel Magnolia joined. It caused alot of turmoil with Lowrider.
However, soon after, Bloodbath was back and in FULL FORCE!

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