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American Psycho

Weight:190lbs. Height:6'2" Age:18 Alignment:Heel Stable:None Origin:Your Local Psyche Hospital Theme Song:Voices (Disturbed)

Trademark:Psycho Elbow

Finisher: Psycho Plex Version: 187 (falcon arrow)

What to say about this guy? Well, his name says it all! He is CRAZY! He takes a hit like nobody we have ever seen. When he hits the ground, you can hear it go THUD! Originally, he started in PSw, and then slowly emerged to NHBW.
He was one of the founding members of Bloodbath, along with Bishop and Sacred Steele (who is no longer around). He has held the World Title many times, but no better than this last time. He held it for almost a year until Damien Nero beat him for it on the Eric Brown memorial show.
Psycho is a unique character in the fact that he wants to please his fans. Even if he is a heel, he still wants to give them what they want.(Not really, but it sounded good!) The fans either love or hate him completely.
He is a long winded and blunt kind of person. He speaks his mind and doesn't care who he pisses off.

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