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This of course speaks for itself. This is the page where we have a big show once a month and something major always happens!

This is a list of our upcoming Pay-Per-Views. This list is subject to change. As it stands right now:

March/April "Malicious Mischief"

Today was an incredible show. At the starting of the show, Rigor Mortis, Dredz, and Gonad from CWF showed up, only to get a greeting from the Clique. The Clique beat them down and walked away.
The camera then shows LaCucaracha confronting Dark Rath about their last match. Dark Rath said,"You are just upset cause you lost to me last time?" Thus setting up a match between the two of them.
Once again, you see The Clique come out to their music. Damien goes to speak and Devin cuts him off. He started by saying that sports entertainment is fake, and how they were gonna be the ones to flush NHBW "down the toilet". He then proceeds to introduce the founding fathers of NHBW. And then, they leave.
Immediately following this, is the match between Lacucaracha and Dark Rath, with Matt Korbaine as the guest referee. Assuming Lacucaracha was really upset that he lost the match with Dark Rath last time, he took an overbearing lead in this match and pretty much dominated Dark Rath. He won this time.
Right after this butt kicking was over, the camera closes in on Gonad. He sees Sex Appeal and starts imitating him just to give him a hard time. He also tells Sex Appeal what a big fan he is and how much he wants his "thing".
Next, you see the other two from CWF looking for Gonad. When he shows up, he starts to tell them how he wants Sex Appeal's "thing", and how he's gonna take it from him.
Close up on Bishop Vyle's office. Bishop informs everyone that he got a letter from Squirt McGoo stating that all of CWF get title shots: Dredz vs.Matt for Hardcore, Sex Appeal vs. Gonad for Sumner Co., and Devin vs. Rigor Mortis for TN state. In the midst of this, Damien walks in and says he wants to retire the Cruiserweight Title. Bishop told him that if he beat American Psycho, he could retire it. American Psycho threatens Damien and then in comes Dredz. This was history in the making, BLOODBATH REUNITED!!
You then see Matt and Jennifer sitting in Matt's truck. Dredz walks up and lets him know to get ready for their match which was next.
Next match was for the Hardcore Title: Matt Korbaine vs.Dredz. Now the match was going fine, but as we know from past history, Bloodbath always interferes. Seeing as how Sex Appeal was the referee, Bloodbath saw the oppurtunity to beat the shit out of both of these guys. Because of these actions, NHBW has a new Hardcore Champ: Dredz.
After this match, you see Devin, who obviously can't get enough of talking on-screen now, talking to Steel Magnolia. He made it a point to state the fact that Steel Magnolia had a name, Roxanne Steele, and also that she was not a subservient female. Then Rigor Mortis walks up and they start discussing the match and who held which belt and whatever trying to outdo each other. Devin wasn't impressed and he and Steel Magnolia walked away.
Once again, back to the Gonad. He sneaks up on Sex Appeal. This time they REALLY have it out over the "thing". Gonad really wants his thing and said so bad he can "taste it". Sex Appeal told him if Gonad beats him, he can have it.(the thing is the Sumner Co. Title)
Following this account, American Psycho talks to the fans about Damien. He told them how Damien was bad and Psycho was good. How he was gonna beat him down.
Next match: Damien vs. Psycho for retirement of the Cruiserweight Title. But it was also involving Bishop Vyle too. This match was elimination style. After a rough match pretty much against the newly reunited Bloodbath, Damien wins, Bishop Vyle left, thus retiring the Cruiserweight Title.
Then, CWF talks about their upcoming matches .
Match: Gonad vs. Sex Appeal for the "thing" and a contract in NHBW with the stipulation of no interference. After a little while, Devin interfered and cost Sex Appeal the match, but Sex Appeal still retains the title. Gonad got his contract with NHBW.
Bishop names Psycho the World Title holder by default and he will defend it in our next show.
Next you see Rigor Mortis preparing for his match when Devin and Steel Magnolia walk up. Devin talked a little shit and they walked away. Rigor said he was gonna "fuck him up".
Main Event: Devin vs. Rigor for TN State Title and contract. After much of the match, Devin mostly dominated,(with the help of Steel Magnolia)but that didn't stop Rigor from winning a contract and the TN State Title. It was definately an interesting show and there are sure to be many more in the future. See ya then!!!

February "Gallery of Rogues"

Today was our PPV "Gallery of Rogues". To start the day off, there was a match between Damien and LaGado for the Cruiserweight Title. Damien retained this title. Next, Devin put his Tennessee State Title on the line to Renegade because he tried to trip him. It was really friendly match though. Devin kept his title. Then, there was a big brawl between Sinners Inc. and The Clique. Lowrider turned on Sinners to retaliate against Devin for joining up with them. However, he wasn't true to anyone but himself. In that brawl, Jimmy Roberts made his return appearance only to help The Clique fight against Sinners. After the brawl, Jimmy introduced a parner from W.A.W. named "Total Carnage". He then walked to the ring with this new guy for his match against Dark Rath. Dark Rath wins by DQ. The next match was for the Sumner County Title. It was between Sex Appeal and Matt Korbaine. This was a quite hardcore match. Both wrestlers were injured, but finished the match. Sex Appeal also retained this title. The main event was a Gauntlet match that started off with Jimmy Roberts and Sex Appeal. Jimmy put Sex Appeal out quickly. Then came Bishop Vyle. Jimmy also put him out. Next came Devin. With the help of Steel Magnolia, Devin put Jimmy out. And last but not least, comes Lowrider. After a long fight, Lowrider wins the World Title. Chalk another one up for Sinners. That was pretty much the show. See you next month!

May "Legends"
June "Hardcore Playground"
July "Summer Dreams"
August "When Worlds Collide"
September "Seperation Anxiety"
October "Terror Rizing"
November "Most Wanted"
December "Winter Warfare"
January "Janitorial-Taking Out The Trash"