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House Shows

This is a briefing on what happens weekly here at NHBW.

May 25, 2002

At the opening of today's show, Platinum came out of nowhere and was stating that he and the "Next Episode" took PSW to their knees. He was demanding a shot at the World Title of this mediokre fed. Out comes Bishop Vyle accompanied by Michelle Summers. He states that he won't give Platinum a World Title shot, however, he would give him a Tn State Title shot, which is the #1 contender for the World Title.
Out comes the Clique led by Steel Magnolia. Matt was a little distanced from the rest of the group, however he was there. Steel Magnolia was telling Bishop that she thought it was bullshit that this guy gets a shot at the title, when her guys have worked too hard to not get a shot. So she volunteered Damien for the match against Platinum for the title. With that, Bishop agreed and everyone went their seperate ways to get ready for the match.
First match: Damien Nero vs. Platinum for the Tn State Title. This match was pretty intense and heated. Damien, who finally got a shot at more than just the cruiserweight belt, gave Platinum a run for his money, lost the belt because of the interference of Matt Korbaine. Matt went to hit Platinum with the belt and instead hit Damien.
The camera shows Steel Magnolia sitting in the trunk of Sex Appeal's car talking with Sex Appeal about his upcoming match with Psycho for the World Strap. Up walks Damien pretty hostile. Steel Magnolia asks him what is wrong and where is his belt. He starts going off saying that Matt hit him with the belt causing him to lose, while Matt is walking up. Damien storms off, and Steel Magnolia asks Matt how he could do such a thing. He acted like he didn't even care. He said it was an accident and walks off. Up comes the ref handing Steel Magnolia a letter. She tells Sex Appeal after reading it that it was from Bishop and it said that there was gonna be a match for the Tag Belts tonight between Psycho and Bishop against the Tag Team Champs. Sex Appeal gets mad and says he is too good to wrestle. Steel Magnolia then says that it also says he has to name his tag partner since Devin is no longer with the company. Then she says for him to follow her to go get ready for the match.
Match 2: Bloodbath vs. Sex Appeal and Damien for the Tag Belts. During this match, so much went on, that it was hectic. However, both tag teams were quite energetic as they had one hell of a match. Just when you thought that the Clique was going to be victorious, Matt comes in and hits Damien with one of the Tag Team Belts. With that, the remaining members of the Clique couldn't take anymore, so they beat Matt down. Michelle (who was supposed to be with Bloodbath,) carried Matt out and to the hospital.....
With that, Bloodbath gets the pin. Then when they go to get the belts, Steel Magnolia informs them that Sex Appeal never formally announced his partner and therefore the Tag Belts stay with the Clique. Then at the finish of the show, the Clique beats down Bloodbatn and put Psycho in the trunk of Sex Appeal's car and haul ass. We'll see what happens next week......................................

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