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The Spell Book

This is a guide to all the spells used so far in the HP books. This type of thing is very useful when writing fanfic (in my opinion anyway). If you see one that I've missed please notify me and tell me what the spell is and what it does. Thanks!


Accio: brings objects to you

Alohomora: opens locks

Aparecium: reveals invisible ink

Avada Kedavra: the killing curse- use this and go to Azkaban for the rest of your days

Crucio: curse that gives unbearable pain to the victim- also forbidden and will give you a sentence to Azkaban

Delertius: makes things vanish

Densaugeo: used to cause rapid tooth growth

Diffindo: splits things

Engorgio: makes something bigger

Ennervate: wakes somebody who has been stunned or knocked out

Expecto Patronum: called the 'Patronus', this spell repels dementors with a wave of happiness

Expelliarmus: disarms your opponent by taking away their wand

Ferula: makes a splint

Finite Incantatem: stops spells coming your way, except for the Forbidden Curses (I believe. Anybody know about this one?)

Furnunculus: gives red, blotchy boils all over skin

Impedimenta: slows something down

Imperio: curse that allows you to control somebody- also forbidden and will send you to Azkaban

Impervius: makes something water proof

Incendio: starts a fire

Locomotor Mortis: makes your legs snap together and unable to move as if you were bound by ropes

Lumos: makes light

Mobilarbus: enables objects to hover off the ground

Mobilicorpus: similar to 'Locomotor Mortis', except it works on the whole body

Nox: gets rid of light caused by 'Lumos'

Obliviate: erases memory

Orchideous: makes your wand shoot flowers

Petrificus Totalus: fully binds someone's body (similar to 'Mobilcorpus')

Point Me: Points your wand north

Priori Incanto: shows the prior spells done by a wand

Quietus: disables 'Sonorus'

Reducio: makes things shrink

Reducto: blows things up pretty much

Relashio: scares away grindylows

Reparo: repairs objects

Rictusempra: makes you feel like you've been punched

Riddikulus: Boggart spell, used to help make it look funny

Serpensortia: summons a snake

Sonorus: magnifies one's voice

Stupefy: stuns

Tarantallegra: makes something dance

Waddiwasi: used to unclog holes

Wingardium Leviosa: enables objects to fly