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Raven Blake

Raven Blake is a character I created in late December and early January of 2000-2001, after I read Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire for the first time (Christmas gifts are wonderful!) I was already a fanfic writer in the Monkees genre and decided to expand to HP fanfic. I instantly took a liking to the Marauders, so I created a fifth Marauder- Raven Blake. This page is all about her. It's kinda in biography form... heh. The above picture is coutresy of Tealin, a great artist who was kind enough to illustrate Raven.

Raven Angel-Bell Blake was born in Hogsmeade, England on June twenty-first, in the mid-sixties. She was born the same day as her life-long friend-- James Potter.

Raven and James lived next door to each other since they were released from the hospital (their parents had been friends since they had been born), and were causing trouble from the start. They learned to fly at age five, and were soon very into quidditch. Raven discovered she had a knack for being Seeker and stuck with the position.

Raven and James met Sirius Black at the age of three, when the Blacks moved to town and began to catch up with old schoolmates (including Raven's father and James's father, who had been best friends as well in their day). Sirius became quick friends with Raven and James, and the jokes soon began. Remus Lupin entered the picture only a few days before they all began going to Hogwarts. Although he had known Sirius, Raven, and James for a while, he had never really talked to them. He went to buy supplies with them, and he too became a quick friend.

When Raven, James, Remus, and Sirius all went to buy school supplies for Hogwarts, Raven's mother took Lily Evans-- a muggle-born girl-- to Diagon Alley instead, leaving her daughter with Mrs. Lupin and Mrs. Black. This began the feud between Raven and Lily. In addition, while aboard the Hogwarts Express, Lily was accidentally hexed by The Marauders, who had been in hot pursuit of Snape and Malfoy. This added to Lily's anger towards The Marauders.

At age thirteen, Raven became Seeker for the Gryffindor quidditch team. James and Sirius also joined- as a Chaser and a Beater. The years rolled by, and as a young teenager, Raven lost her parents to an attack by Death Eaters on the Ministry of Magic. She went to live with the Potters, who were her legal guardians (and who had been away on vacation when the attack was made.)

In fifth year, The Marauders and Lily Evans had to attend the same detention, and after a wild adventure in the Forbidden Forsest, a friendship between the enemies was forged, and from then on they were inseperable. The feuding stopped, and all was well. It was also in fifth year that The Marauders made the discovery in the Western Tower that resulted in a few years of partying on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the school.

In the sixth year just before the quidditch final between Gryffindor and Slytherin, Raven, Sirius, and James were kidnapped and hidden in the fourth floor corridor of the eastern wing by a bunch of Slytherin quidditch obsessors. After the Slytherins left to make it look like they couldn't have done it ("We were at the match the whole time!"), Raven, Sirius, and James were rescued just in time for the match by Remus and Lily. Later on, in the same match, Raven was thrown from her broom by a spell from an angry Slytherin (she was about to catch the Snitch), and was nearly killed. Sirius and James caught her just in time, and the incident resulted in the expelling of Charles Bowers. The fued between Gryffindor and Slytherin became worse than ever before.

After graduation, Raven moved in with James, Remus, and Sirius. Peter had went to "study abroad", and Lily was living in the muggle-world under request from her parents for a year. Raven lived in her own room in the upstairs part of the house, across the hall from James and next to Sirius's room. When Lily moved in, they shared a room.

Raven married Remus when she was twenty-two (Lily was a bridesmaid and James was the best man. Lily and James were already married.) and gave birth to Aurora Rahne Lily Lupin and Tobias Orion James Lupin when she was twenty-three.

After James and Lily were killed, she disappeared from England, and was for many years believed to have been killed as well since a Death Eater had broken into the Lupin household when Remus was away at work. Remus didn't know she was still alive, and so roamed the globe for a few years in his despair. This is how he found out so much about DADA.

Raven took Aurora and Tobias and moved around the world for fifteen years. Upon her return to England, she became the Astronomy professor at Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore had somehow found her and sent her an owl, asking her to teach at Hogwarts since Professor Sinistra had went suicidal and taken a dive off the Astronomy Tower. Remus had come back to teach that year. Family reunion ensued.

Raven went on to help in the demise of Voldemort.