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Hey there! Here at the Tower, there are certain guidelines required for your fic to be posted here. Listed below are the guidelines.

1) No slash. I do not accept this fic at all. Period. It would be pointless to submit it, so don't waste your time or mine.

2) No smut. No pointless stories where the only thing happening is sex. I do not accept this fic at all. Do not even attempt to send it to me.

3) When you submit a fic to me, please give me a rating, the title, your author name, what generation of HP characters it deals with (Harry and Co., The Marauders, etc) and a little bit about yourself so that I may give you an author spotlight if you so desire.

4) Please send in your fic one chapter at a time, and with spaces in between the paragraphs so that I will be able to copy and paste it into my WebEditor and not have to read through it a million times to find the right places to break paragraphs.

5) Don't do something outlandishly weird, like saying Floo Powder will transport you to the moon or something. Keep your story within reason UNLESS it is a comedy or parody. Most fans don't like to read fics that don't get facts straight.

6)Please correct any grammatical mistakes before submitting the fic to me. I don't have time to edit everything. I will correct small things, but not a whole story. ;)

7) Be creative :)

I hope I didn't sound too harsh, but I really need to make these guidelines clear! When I say I don't accept something, that means I don't accept something!

Anyway, some of these rules can be bent a little (but definately not the first two!) So feel free to send me a few chapters of your story. If I like it, I'll email you back and we'll talk about it a little bit. :)

Now... run free citizens!