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Just As Long As We're Together

Chapter 3

'You know, I really don't think this is where we're supposed to be,' Lily said, looking at map with her nose wrinkled up in confusion.

'That would be because you have the map upside down, dope.' Sirius took the piece of parchment Dumbledore had sent to them and switched it around so it was the other way up.

'Oh…we're still in the wrong spot, aren't we?'

'No…didn't you pay attention when we did that course on reading maps?'

'Did anyone?'

'Mm…good point. But look, the castle is this way-' Sirius pointed and Lily looked up '- and then we have to go- oh- hmm…yeah…yup, we're lost.'

'Thanks Sirius. Now we've got that cleared up, can you tell me where we are?'

'Lily.' James said, shaking his head. 'Lost. That means we don't know.'

'And this comes from two of the smartest people at school.' Lily muttered, taking the map back. 'Do any of you know how to read maps?'

'I do!' Remus piped up.

'Do you?'

'Yeah…dunno how I managed to stay awake that lesson but I did.'

'Oh, good. Do you know where we are?'

Remus took the map and examined it for a moment. 'Go about ten metres to the left… Uh, James, you can stop. There's a ditch up ahead.' James stopped abruptly. 'Now tap that- er, hang on a minute.' He walked over to where James was standing. 'Tap that log.'

James tapped the log and it stood up, bowed, then walked away, commenting on the weather. The space where it had been revealed a large hole in the ground.

'Do we go down there?'

'No, Lily, we stand here and stare the pretty blackness of it,' Sirius said, stepping forward. He jumped down and disappeared.

'Sirius?' Lily called down into the darkness.

'Is he down there?' Remus asked, getting down onto his knees for a better look. 'Sirius?' He repeated.

''Ooh…Hey, guys, there's food down here!' Sirius's voice echoed up to them, and James rolled his eyes.

'Come on. We'd better go before that pig eats the whole lot of it.' James jumped, followed by Lily and Remus.

They were in a large room underground, filled with witches and wizards. Most of them were older than they were, but a few were people they'd gone to school with, thankfully not including Katherine McDowell.

'Where's the food?' Remus said the moment they landed on the ground.

'Over there,' Sirius pointed to the other side of the room, where a large table of food was barely distinguishable.

'Trust Sirius to be able to see that.'

'Hey, I'm hungry. I can smell food, you know.'

A passing wizard gave Sirius an odd look, and his three friends glared at him, silently telling him to shut up.

'I love food.' He explained, though the wizard had already forgotten. 'I live for it, I breathe for it, I-'

'Shut up. Come on, we have to find Dumbledore.' Lily grabbed Sirius by the elbow before he started singing about food and steered him over to where mostly old wizards were talking. It stood to reason that Dumbledore would be here, as they were all about his age level, and, as Lily had predicted, he was. Their old head master was talking quite seriously to a grey haired witch, who looked almost like Katherine McDowell around James- so this was pretty gross in itself, considering how foul Katherine was.

Remus gagged, drawing Professor Dumbledores attention to them instead of the old witch, who looked very disappointed.

'Ah, yes. Betty, this is James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lily Cooper, they attended Hogwarts.'

'Isn't Potter the boy who almost blew up the astronomy tower?' She said in a croaky voice, glaring at his hair scrutinisingly.

James looked unusually innocent. 'Me?'

Betty narrowed her eyes, but Dumbledore intervened.

'Now. I think I'll call this meeting to order, shall I?' He smiled at Betty and the others, then stepped up onto a platform Lily was sure hadn't been there a few moments before.

He clapped his hands to get attention, and all the witches and wizards present turned around, some coming closer so they could hear better.

Sirius sighed, looking longingly at the table nearby full of food, including chocolate. 'I'm so hungry,' he moaned. Lily elbowed him, so he shut up, holding onto his side in mock pain.

'Thankyou all for coming,' Dumbledore said, his old voice clear and strong, loud for everyone in the huge room to hear.

'We are all here for one sole purpose, to oppose the dark arts. We may not defeat them; we will most likely not destroy them forever. But we will make a difference, and if we stop a child from dying, or a person losing their family, or even if we just comfort someone whose family has died, we will have made a difference. I have asked you here today to help me with this. I myself do not agree with how the Ministry is dealing with the situation- they are blinded by their own ties and feelings- but I am sure that everyone in this room will not betray us, or disagree, or do anything to oppose us, whether it is to kill someone for Lord Voldemort-' here, almost everyone present flinched- 'or even just to pass on a message.' Dumbledore took a deep breath. 'If you feel you may do either of these things, or anything else to reveal our situation and what we are doing, I ask you to leave now.'

No one moved, and the old mans face relaxed ever so slightly.

'I will be speaking to groups of you in turn, please, feel free to eat, we have plenty of food provided.'

Sirius rubbed his stomach.

'One last thing,' Dumbledore said, before stepping off the platform, 'all of our meetings will be held here. Voldemort's supporters do not know the password, and I would like to keep it that way. I will not allow any video recorders, tape players, spying devices or even cameras down here, in case they are intercepted. Is that understood?' Dumbledore's voice was kind but there was some kind of ferociousness they'd never heard in it before, some kind of power he'd never used.

They group nodded, and then slowly it became noisy again, as people went back to talking to each other.

Sirius headed straight for the food, and when the others caught up with him, his mouth was full with cream buns.

'You know, Sirius,' Remus said, looking at a bun in his hand (Sirius had been incapable of stuffing ten into his mouth) 'that looks quite like those cream buns from Honeydukes, you know, the ones that make you turn into a crab.'

Sirius's eyes widened, and he hurriedly spat the mess of buns out onto the floor.

Lily's own eyes became huge, and her face turned a very pale shade of green. James gagged.

'Thanks Moony. I'm going to be sick, lend me your hat, would you?'

Remus had obviously not expected Sirius to take that measure of action. 'When I'm finished with it.'

'Oh, come on. It's only a little bit of food, silly,' Sirius said, already starting on the chocolate sticks.

Lily carefully avoided the mess on the floor as she stepped over to the table full of food.

'Sirius, much as I hate to say this, they're-' Sirius interrupted what she was saying by turning into a large, crimson toad.

'Yeah…they're the chocolate amphibian sticks…I gave one to Petunia a few years ago.'

Professor Dumbledore chose that moment to walk over to them, an amused expression on his wrinkled face, blue eyes twinkling, taking in everything from Lily laughing and almost falling into the- stuff on the floor, a toad croaking, and James and Remus decided whether to laugh, or rescue Lily from the wrath of a (very ugly) toad.

By the time he had reached them, James was laughing, Remus was laughing, and Sirius (who had returned) was trying to stuff the chocolate amphibian sticks into Lily's mouth. When they saw him approaching, James and Remus stopped laughing, and Sirius relented, letting Lily breathe through her nose again.

'Having fun?' Dumbledore said, smiling.

'Er- yes.'

'I'm still feeling croaky,' Sirius muttered, nudging Lily.

'Hey, it's not my fault you eat first and then think.'

Sirius just snorted, and then they were quiet, waiting for the Professor Dumbledore to speak.

'Are Miss Gilles and Mr Pettigrew interested in being involved?'

They stared at him for a moment, and then remembered that Jo's last name was Gilles.

'Er- I know Jo is. I'm not sure about Peter.'

'Yeah, he mentioned something about it…said he was busy today, though.'

'Oh, yeah, Jo said she had to work today -it's her first day, see, and she couldn't miss it,' Lily explained.

Dumbledore smiled, and then became serious. 'I wanted to know if you four would be interested in working on a project I've only just stared, with some other people around your age.'

They nodded, and Dumbledore continued.

'It involves tracking down Death Eaters- Voldemort's supporters- but, before we capture them, we will try to find out as much as we can about them. I need you four, because you have some skills that will be greatly appreciated. You're all talented in different fields of magic.'

'What exactly will we be doing?' Lily asked, ignoring Sirius, who was now eating caramel filled chocolates.

'I'll explain in more detail tomorrow- are all of you free?'

'Um…yeah, I am,' James said, trying to remember. 'I've got to go to this Auror thing later on, though. And I've got Quidditch training in the evening.'

Lily turned to look at James. 'Quidditch? Huh?'

'Um…I've been accepted onto the English team,' James said, not looking her in the eye.

Lily put her hands on her hips. 'Oh?' How come you didn't tell me?'

'Okay, okay,' Remus interrupted. 'James'll talk to you later, Kermit. Let's just say we're all free, Jo is as well, she told me the other day that she works everyday except Wednesdays and weekends.'

'Thankyou, Mr Lupin. If you could be here at noon, it would be very much appreciated.'

'Okay…will there be food?'

Lily rolled her eyes. 'Sirius, if you eat another thing you'll explode. I don't want your guts all over me, thanks very much. Stop being a pig.'

Dumbledore laughed. 'I'll see you all tomorrow- Mr Potter, could I talk to you in private for a moment?'

James looked surprised, but he nodded, and the others left to wait outside, shooting curious glances at him.

'James. You and Sirius are training to be Aurors, are you?'

'Well, we're thinking about it. We want to do something, and we have to get money somehow. Sirius's parents are refusing to lend him money, so we're all sort of starving.'

'I'm afraid I cannot pay you,' Dumbledore said. 'But, if you could tell me what they are teaching you at your Auror training, I'd be very grateful. We need to be up to date with how the Ministry is running things- we can't find out things later, and certainly not after the newspaper has printed it.'

James looked thoughtful. 'Jo's working for the Daily Prophet, she'd probably be able to tell us stuff as well.'

Dumbledore stroked his long silver beard, nodding. 'Have you heard what exactly the Aurors do?'

'Well, not exactly. I know they track down Death Eaters, and help trial them.'

'Do you know how the Ministry is doing this?'

'No, not yet. Don't any of the older people here know?'

'Some do. But most of the people are just friends, I do have a few contacts at the Ministry, but they're busy today.'

'I could ask Dad to help, he knows heaps of people.'

Professor Dumbledore smiled at him. 'Thankyou, James. You're friends will be very curious as to what we're talking about, I'm sure, so I'll let you be off. My, are these chocolate amphibian sticks? I haven't seen one of these in years.'

As James left to go back to Lily and Remus and Sirius, he noticed a large crimson frog hopping around…it had a beard.


'Sirius, get a job.' Jo said the next morning when she found Sirius sitting in their kitchen, eating cornflakes.

'What?' He mumbled, spraying milk everywhere.

Jo wiped a cornflake off her pyjama top. 'Do you still not have food at your place?'

'Oh, yeah, we've got food. But James forgot the milk, and I really felt like cereal this morning.'

Jo rolled her eyes. 'Are you coming to the meeting today?'

Sirius swallowed. 'Yup. You?'

'Uh huh.' Jo poured some cornflakes for herself, and was eating them when Lily came in, looking grumpy.

'What's up with you?' Jo asked- she hadn't been present when Lily blew up at James the day before.

'Nothing, nothing. I'm happy. Very happy.'

'You're in denial.'

'As if I am!' Lily said, rummaging through the cupboard. 'Where's the cornflakes? Don't tell me there's none left. Great. Just great. You know, Sirius, you could eat at your own house and then there might be food left for people who actually live here.'

'You could go to our house for something if you want.'

Lily glared at him. 'I would go over there if you paid me.' She said crossly, and they watched her stomp furiously out the room.

'Are you going to the meeting today?' Jo called.

They could hear Lily stomping around in her room, and then heard something smash, followed by Lily's angry cursing.

'Yes.' Was the reply. 'As long as he's not there!'

'He will be.' Sirius called through the keyhole, under Jo's instructions- she didn't want the whole house to blow up, though Sirius didn’t know how this was going to help.

'Then I'm not going!'

Sirius opened the door and found it in not too bad a state, considering.

'Oh, come on Lily. Just sit on the other side of the room, it's a very big room.'

Lily flopped down onto her bed with her face in the pillow.

'I'm never speaking to him again.'


'I'd like to turn his hair blue.'

'It'd be an improvement.'


'No, I'm just trying to cheer you up.'

Lily chucked the hardest thing she could find at him, her alarm clock.


Later that morning, Sirius was having much the same conversation with James, only James was lying depressed on the couch, not a bed.

'I'm never speaking to her again…it isn't my fault she doesn't like flying.'

'It's called a fear of heights.'

'Whose side are you on here?'

'Oh, yours of course, Prongs…Are you coming to the meeting this afternoon?'

'Not if she's going to be there.'

'She is.'

'Then I'm not going.'

'Yeah, that’s what Lily said.'

'Don't say her name.'

'Okay, okay. So sit on the other side of the room to her, why don't you?'

'Maybe,' James mumbled. He glanced up at Sirius and stared at him. 'What happened to your head?'

'Oh. Er- Lily- I mean, she kind of got mad at me…I tell you, those clock things really do hurt, no wonder Lianne said it was painful.'

James just snorted and buried his head a cushion, mumbling something about time and women not going well together.


Lily glared at James as she and Jo entered the room underground, but he turned and ignored her, instead he watched Sirius, who (again) was eyeing the food table.

Jo was looking at Sirius, but- to Lily's amazement- she wasn't put off by the amount of food the object of her affections was scoffing down, just puzzled. 'He didn't use to do that last year, did he?'

'What? Be a complete loser?'

Jo tore her eyes away from Sirius and stared at Lily. 'What? I'm not talking about James, you idiot!'

Lily shrugged, but then, to everyone's relief, Dumbledore appeared and wanted to start immediately.

'Welcome, all. I'm going straight to the point, as I am needed at the school.

'You eight will be our undercover detectives. We have several other people undercover, but their situations are much more dangerous, and if word got out they would undoubtedly be killed, so I'm afraid I cannot say who they are.

'You will be working in groups, only part time, as I know you will need to work for money as well. If you do happen to work overtime, I will be glad to offer you money for your troubles, I don't want you going hungry.' His blue eyes glanced in Sirius's direction at this comment, twinkling with laughter.

'I will assign the groups to you in a moment, first I would like to explain exactly what you will be doing. Firstly, I want to see you working as a team. If two people are having troubles outside of work I don't want it interfering.

'Secondly, you will not be able to tell anyone outside of work what you are doing, unless they are specifically involved.

'You will be tracking down Voldemort's people. In your teams, you will follow them in secret, record everything you discover, and take photographs and collect evidence. Some of you are trained in defence- or will be trained, and you will help capture them if need be. If we have solid evidence, we will hand them over to the ministry.

'We will hand whoever we catch to the ministry. You will most likely not receive praise or recognition for who you catch, much the opposite. If the Death Eaters were to discover what you were doing, you would undoubtedly be tracked down and killed. So therefore we will leave them to the experts.'

Lily was sure she heard a hint of sarcasm in Professor Dumbledore's voice, but she didn't say anything.

'Are there any questions? Does anybody think they will not be able to cope with this? If so, I ask you to leave now.'

No one moved.

'Right then. In group one, there will be Lily Cooper, Remus Lupin, Kylie McEvoy, and James Potter.' Both Lily and James groaned, but Dumbledore ignored them. 'In group two, Sirius Black, Jo Gilles, Amanda Fire and Miranda Whitehorn.'

'I'm the only boy?' Sirius protested, sounding like a ten-year-old boy, instead of someone who'd just turned eighteen.

'Sirius, I thought you'd be delighted!' Lily called from across the room. 'All those girls.'

Sirius snorted.

'That will be all for today, you can talk for as long as you want down here, get to know each other. The password to move the log is 'whippersnipper.'

'Whippersnipper?' Lily whispered, raising her eyebrows.

'I would like to see group one on Tuesday and group two on Wednesday, is that okay with all of you?'

They all said yes, and then Dumbledore left, saying that he was sure Mr McIntyre had probably 'accidentally' blown something- or someone- up.

Lily said hi and then goodbye to everyone -all except James- and then she left, not wanting to be within a mile of James for over half an hour.


Rowena stared at the wall, trying to make sense of her dreams. She usually forgot about them during the days- you couldn't pass a Transfiguration test with James Potter on your mind, you'd probably end up thinking about turning McGonagall into a fruit bat or something. But it was a Divination lesson, and it wasn't like there was anything better for her to do.

Maybe he was…a relative of James's? The idea lit up in her head, and wouldn't go away, so she tried to make sense of it. Maybe he was a cousin…but those eyes. They were very pretty eyes, almost glowing whenever the boy smiled. Like emeralds. She sighed, fiddling with her quill. Joey glanced up from his crystal ball. 'Seen anything, Ro?'

'What? Oh. No, I haven't.'

'Have you looked?'

Rowena rolled her eyes, but then looked into her ball. Usually, it just looked like the grounds on a very cold morning, but today the mist swirled into a picture, full of colour. She stared into it's depths, amazed, and almost positive of what she was about to see.

And, of course, the face of James Potter appeared in the centre of it all, people around him, talking to him, lifting him up on their shoulders. It looked like a replay of last year when Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup, only Sirius Black wasn't commentating on an over large pair of underwear in the background. The same boy and girl as before, the boy with red hair, the girl with brown, were there, laughing and jumping about in excitement.

This scene faded away, and a new one melted into its place, this time of a woman with long red hair. She was poking her tongue out at someone- they weren't in view of the camera, and she was surrounded by lots of little gadgets, in some sort of underground place…in the picture, her face shone, almost glowing with light, and Rowena saw her eyes…exact copies of the boy in her dreams eyes.

It was Lily Cooper.

What the hell was Lily Cooper doing in her crystal ball? Well, she was obviously doing something, though Rowena couldn't figure out what…she watched as Lily waved her wand lazily, then burst into laughter.

The scene in the crystal moved over to what Lily was laughing at, and she saw James Potter with his hands on his hips, wearing a frilly dress.

This was no ordinary day in Divination.


The next day, group one sat in the underground room, looking at all the stuff that had accumulated in there since the day before. Hundreds of little gadgets, maps, huge rolls of parchment, quills- everything an office could possibly need.

Lily was talking to Kylie McEvoy, a girl who had been in the same year as them, only in Ravenclaw.

'How come you and James aren't talking?' Kylie asked curiously, and she glanced over to the other side of the room to where James and Remus stood.

Lily would have liked to say 'curiosity killed the cat,' but she didn't, because Remus's own cat, the ugly but very much loved Crookshanks, had run away the previous night. Lily found it hard to find sympathy for Remus, as she hadn't exactly been fond of the monster, but she then realised that she didn't need to, as James had entered the room, so (obviously) she had to leave.

Lily realised Kylie was still waiting for an answer.

'Oh…no reason.' Lily said vaguely, fully aware that it was a complete lie.

'Yeah, right.'

Luckily for Lily, Dumbledore entered the room then, and he gave them their instructions.

'You will be tracking the Death Eaters. I chose the four of you to be in this particular group for various reasons. I believe all of you can fly?'

They nodded, and Lily scowled at James.

'Yes…' Dumbledore appeared to be thinking to himself. 'And I suppose all of you have mastered the invisibility charm?'


'Yes, that will be quite useful…though I'm sure they will have tracking devices for that sort of thing, as we will…Now, Lily, there are a few things I would like you to charm for me, is that okay?'


'Hmm…are you free all the rest of this week?'

'Er- no, I've got to go to work on- hang on a minute.' Lily looked at something in her bag and then straitened up. 'I've got work on Friday, but I'm free the rest of the week, is that okay?'

'Yes, that's fine. Kylie, would you be able to help Lily?'

Kylie nodded, and then grinned at Lily.

'I'll speak to James and Remus in private, but I'll inform both you girls of it sooner or later, depending on how they go.'

'How come we don't get to know?' Lily asked.

'Because you don't.' James said in reply, poking out his tongue.

Remus raised his eyebrows and nudged James. 'You looked so much like a six-year-old then, it was scary.'

James shrugged.


Jo stared at the wall, wondering how many cracks there were in the paint…one, two, three…she gave up at fifty, because it was depressing and because she realised how pathetic it was. She practically leapt for joy at the sound of the doorbell, and when she answered she could only be thankful that Lily was working that afternoon.

James stepped inside, holding a sheet of paper.

'You're back again?' Jo said in disbelief. 'Haven't you told her yet?

'No,' James mumbled.

'Oh, come on. Otherwise she'll go and marry that guy who works in the ice-cream shop.'

'What guy?'

'Oh. No guy. James, just tell her already, and no- no way. I'm not listening to that horrible poem once more, not if you paid me.'

'It isn't that bad, is it?'

'Trust me on this one. It is.'

James sighed. 'Well, it was Sirius who wrote it anyway.'

'He did?' Jo snatched away the piece of paper. 'Awww…I didn't know he was a poet.'

James crossed his arms over his chest. 'I thought you just said it was awful.'

'Huh? Yeah, it is. But if Sirius wrote it, it puts a different light on it.'

James stared at her, wondering about her sanity. 'You know, you could always tell Sirius that you love him.'

'Me? Love Sirius? I don't love Sirius.'

James snorted. 'I'm going to find Kermit. Bye.'

Jo dropped the paper onto the floor and stared at the place where James had been a moment ago. 'How come she gets the guy who really loves her and'll get his best friend to write a poem for her because he loves her, and I get the guy who has barely even noticed me, except perhaps for the fact that my freezer is full of choc chip ice cream?' She buried her face in a cushion, and barely heard the knock on the door.

Jo sighed, hoping it wasn't James with another poem, and then she opened the door.



'Hi…want some ice cream?' Stupid, stupid, stupid.

'Nah, I'm not hungry.'

Jo closed the door, wondering if this was some weird and very scary kind of hallucination.


Lily sat at a table, trying to figure out how to make jellybeans grow legs and dance. She didn't see the person come through the door, or see Alanna, the girl she was working with, flirt with him, or hear the disappointment in her voice when she found out he was there for Lily.

'Hey, Lil.'

Lily looked up and saw them both. She immediately ducked under her table on an impulse, and then sat there for a moment, wondering what she should do.

She heard footsteps approaching, and groaned. She knew whose footsteps they were.

'How come you're under the table?'

'Oh, I'm- um…looking for an earring.'

'I didn't know you had pierced ears.' Lily could tell the stupid git was smiling.

'Um…they're the stick on kind.'

'Right. So you going to come out any time soon?'

'Not if you don't leave any time soon.'

'Okay. I'll wait for you outside.'

Lily heard his footsteps go out the door, and she heard the door close. She climbed out from under the table, and saw Alanna giving her a very weird look.

'Why, pray tell, did you do that? Do you usually do that when a very cute guy enters the room?'

'That cute guy,' Lily hissed. 'Is James.'

'Oh! James! Well then, off you go.'

'What? What about the-'

'I'll do that. Off you go, come on.'

Alanna started pushing her towards the door. Once outside, James gave them a huge grin. 'Are you busy the rest of the afternoon?' He asked Lily.


'No, it'll be fine, don't worry about it. Bye, Lily.' Alanna closed the door behind her.

'Why are you speaking to me again?' Lily asked after a few moments.

'I was having this problem.'

'What problem?'

' see, there's this girl, and I really do love her, but we had this stupid fight and she wasn't speaking to me. So I thought I'd ask you for advice.'

Lily stared at him. 'Oh. What- what kind of advice?'

'Can we go somewhere where your friend isn't looking at us through the curtains?'



'I am in love.' Lily announced upon setting foot in their apartment.

Jo barely looked up from her bowl of noodles. She slurped, swallowed and then pushed the bowl away.

'No shit.' Then she shovelled another load of noodles into her mouth.

'Well. That wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting…' Lily trailed off.

'Come off it, Lily Cooper-soon-to-be-known-as-Potter.'

Lily snorted.

'It's only taken you- what? Three years? Five? A decade?'

'Whatever.' Lily plopped down onto the couch.

'So. Why aren't you mad at him any more? What'd he do?'

'Well. There was this poem and he- er- yeah.'

'Just the poem?' Jo grinned.

Lily turned pink. 'No…'

Jo started laughing and Lily turned bright red. Her hand was wedged between two cushions, and she appeared to be looking for something.

'Why'd the poem- and whatever else he did- make you like him again? Or fall in love with him? Or whatever? I'm a bit confused…Besides…that poem was awful.'

'It wasn't…Okay, it was…It was absolutely terrible. How'd you know?'

'Come on, Lily. He had to practise. He's been coming round here everyday, because Sirius and Remus kicked him out. They were ready to kill him.' She giggled. 'The first time he was here he'd been gagged. Anyway, I could repeat the whole thing to you word-perfect.'

'Please don't.'

Both girls sat in silence for a moment, and Lily's expression grew puzzled. 'Hey Jo?'


'Where's the chocolate? I thought we'd hidden it here…' She turned and pulled the cushion up, sticking her head under to look.

'Oops. Um, Sirius kind of discovered it.'

'Great. Know what we have to do now?'

'Find a new hiding place?'

'Well, I was thinking more along the lines of not letting Sirius in here-' she ducked Jo's hand- 'but I suppose that'll do.'

They lay back again, with Lily humming a tune under her breath and Jo flipping through a magazine.

'Why were you and James fighting, anyway?'

'Um…I don't remember.' Lily said sheepishly.

Jo rolled her eyes.

'So have you told Sirius?' Lily asked.

'Told Sirius what?'

'Jo. You are both mental. Just go over there, throw yourself at him, and I'm sure he'll get the point. Either that or he'll chuck you out, but I seriously doubt that'd happen.'

'Thanks for that.'

'Look. James told me that he's been dreaming about you. The only reason he comes over here for food is because he loves you. He kisses his pillow in his sleep.'

'Now I'm scared.'

'Jo, if you want to save us all from dying of hunger, you'll go over there and tell him.'

Jo sat still for a moment, and then she stood up. 'I er- borrowed something from Remus…I'll just go get it.'

Lily grinned. 'Have fun!'

Jo slammed the door behind her.

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