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Just As Long As We're Together

Chapter 2

'Lily! Wake up…fine, don't wake up, see if I care.' Jo looked down at Lily, who was fast asleep and muttering something about- well, Jo wasn't really sure.

'If you can hear me, I have a job interview to go to, so I won't be back till lunchtime; could you- oh, wake up!'

Lily mumbled something and rolled over, blinking. 'Is it morning?'

'Hardly. You could sleep through a hailstorm, you know.'

'Just tickle my feet. I have very ticklish feet.'

Jo looked at Lily's feet with interest. 'Do you? I never knew that.'

Lily's feet quickly disappeared under the covers again. 'What were you saying about jobs?'

'I've got an interview with the Daily Prophet, so could you tell Sirius I can't help him with- um…whatever it is, he hasn't told me.'

Lily stared at her, and then yawned. 'Tell Sirius that you can't come to whatever it is?'

'Yup. Bye, gotta go.' Jo apparated in the kitchen, away from any windows where muggles might see. This is was Lily's tip, as growing up with Petunia taught her there is such a thing as 'over nosiness.'

It was lunchtime, and Sirius knocked on the door impatiently, wondering where everyone was. After what seemed like a few hours, Lily answered, looking very asleep still.


'You know,' Sirius said, stepping into their flat, 'I could have been someone important, like the Minister. And you just say 'what?'

'It's not like you're important.' She muttered, following him into the kitchen.

Sirius was looking through the freezer. 'Do you have any chocolate flavoured stuff?'

'Ice cream, you mean?'

'Um…yeah, I think that's it.' Sirius scratched his head thoughtfully, while Lily sat on the bench and watched him, and amused expression on her face.

'It's at the back. Don't you have food at home?'

'Well- er- see, none of us like shopping, and we can't exactly magic it to us, so we've sort of run out…James'll probably be here soon, he was starving this morning.'

'Why don't you buy stuff at work?'

'We don't go to work, dumbbell. Not yet, anyway.'

'Oh, yeah…'

'But James has a job interview thingy today, mine was yesterday.'

'But you didn't turn anyone into a skunk or anything, did you?'

'Well, no…I was tempted.'

Lily groaned.

'But I didn't.'

'Good. How come you're here, besides to steal our food?'

Sirius bit into an apple. 'Jo said she'd help me with something…where is she, anyway?'

Lily thought for a moment. She vaguely remembered being told something, though she wasn't quite sure what it was. Everything was still a little bit fuzzy.

'Oh, she was going out…she told me to tell you.'

Sirius rolled his eyes. 'Hey, are you seeing Dumbledore tomorrow? He told us to come yesterday, how bout you?'

'Mm…but it's so early.'

'Ten o'clock, Lil. I think you'll somehow manage to get out of bed before that. Unless, of course, you'd like to come in your pyjamas.'

Lily mumbled something and then flopped onto the couch.

'Are you okay?' Sirius came over to her, looking concerned.

'I'm fine…in fact, I've never felt better before in my life…'

Sirius raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms.

'I feel like shit,' she groaned, lying back onto the armrest, her usual pale face a very white colour.

Sirius put his hand up against her forehead. 'You've got a temperature.'

'Well spotted.'

'Okay, what do I do now?'


'Well, I've taken your temperature- sort of- so now what do I do?'

'How should I know…let me sleep.'

'Are you sure?' Sirius said cautiously. 'You look really sick.'

Lily muttered something, and her eyelids fluttered closed.

Sirius did the first thing that entered his head. He got James.

James apparated over later that afternoon, and found Lily sitting on the couch, flicking through all the channels on the TV one by one, not really bothering to actually watch one.



'Come on, we're going to a doctor.'

'I hate doctors. They always stick a thing down your throat and then-'

'A wizard doctor,' James interrupted. Lily got up, looking thoughtful.

'Oh. Yeah. No, I'll stay home. I fine- just-' she swayed on the spot and sat down on the floor with a thump. 'Fine.' She finished.

'Whatever. Come on.' James grabbed her by the arm and dragged her gently out the door. 'There's a doctor near here.'

Lily shook her head and to someone else it would have looked like she was drunk, the way she was wobbling all over the place. It made James nervous, because he had no idea what was wrong with her.

About an hour later, they got back home, to find Sirius and Jo eating spaghetti with spoons. Lily was too out of it to notice, but James let go of her elbow for a moment to gape at them. There was spaghetti all over the table and Sirius looked remarkably like a three-year-old who hadn't quite gotten hang of feeding himself yet.

Lily fell to the floor in a heap and Jo rushed over. 'What's wrong with her?'

'Oh, the doctor gave us some stuff for her to use, but said to do it at home, cause apparently it makes you turn a bit blue for a few hours. The muggles would have thought she was a bit weird.'

'Shouldn't we, like, carry her to bed.'

'Or magic her.'

'Oh. Yeah, I forgot.'

When Lily was in bed, fast asleep and muttering about frogs in her sleep, they other three headed for the kitchen. 'So, what's wrong with her?'

'Some kind of virus…it's weird though, don't you think, the way the rest of us haven't got anything. Almost as if it were planned,' James said slowly, a puzzled expression on his face.

'Well,' Sirius said, 'I think it’s just weird you don't have anything, considering the amount of time the two of you-'

'Shut up, Sirius.' Jo said tiredly. 'So what you're saying,' she said to James. 'Is that you think someone's given Lily this thing, hoping to hurt her or something…good thing she's not weak.'

'Yeah…' James was still absorbed in his thoughts, while Sirius was absorbed in the fridge.

'Oh, for goodness sake, Sirius! Just eat the stupid yoghurt, will you?'

Lily appeared at the doorway then, looking very grumpy. 'Why is Sirius stuffing his face with…isn't that stuff off?'

James's face brightened. Lily was back. And Sirius was looking very green.


Third year Rowena Archer sat in the Gryffindor common room, eating chocolate frogs, feeling very contented. And then her best friend Joey McIntyre entered the room. Several moments later, she hardly had any frogs left, and Joey was feeling rather sick.

'I'm going to bed, okay?' She suddenly felt very tired.

Joey looked at her in surprise. 'Huh? Ro, it's only eight o'clock.' He smiled cheekily. 'Don't you want to be beaten at chess tonight?'

Rowena just shrugged. 'My bed's lonely. See you tomorrow.'

Joey watched her disappear, his hand faltering and missing his mouth entirely before he could stuff yet another chocolate frog in. He wondered if they were brain damaging. Then he hastily dropped it onto the ground, pulling a face.

The thing about going to sleep, Rowena thought, was that you couldn't control your dreams. Her dreams weren't quite as bad now that James Potter had left, but occasionally his face appeared in her dreams. She hadn't told anybody. Joey would laugh, and tell her that she was in love with someone five years older than she was. Her other friends would probably think she was off her rocker.

After thinking about this for so long she was exhausted and confused, Rowena fell asleep, hoping to dream peaceful dreams, that don't mean anything and that you don't remember when you wake up.

But of course, she didn't.

James Potter- well, she assumed it was James Potter- was sitting in what looked just like the common room, laughing at something. There were other people, unfamiliar people standing in the background. A boy with red hair, like Lily's, only not quite so dark. Rowena's dreams were different to normal ones, much brighter, sharper. The boy who looked like James turned to another girl with brown hair, and she laughed, while the red haired boy scowled. She strained to hear their words, but that was thing. Her dreams were always silent.

The boy looked up at something then, and his face brightened into a smile, lighting up his whole face, and then she saw his eyes, just as she always did. Something in her head clicked then, which was odd, as in dreams you usually aren't very aware of what's going on consciously.

He had Lily's eyes, not James's. And it couldn't possibly be James, because he was tall. This boy was very small. Then the picture fa

Rowena woke up the next morning, puzzled. And when Joey tried to take away the rest of her chocolate, she was not only very puzzled, but also worried about her friend…maybe the chocolates were brain damaging or something.

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