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Black Rose: The Entrance of a Snake

Harry, Hermione, and Ron walked towards the Great Hall. Ron had completely forgotten his anger at the prospect of becoming an animagus. As he figured it, there was no point in being mad at the people whose help you'd need.

"When do we start?" Ron questioned quickly.

"As soon as possible. We will need to practice thinking of the animal within, and we need to memorize the spell," Hermione (Who else would it be?) replied.

"Maybe we should get nicknames . . ." joked Harry, thinking of his father's time.

"Speaking of which," Ron stated, "we should notify Sirius."

"But he'll try to stop us! Not to mention get mad!" Hermione countered.

"I think we should tell him afterwards," Harry reasoned. "That way he won't stop us but he'll still know. I guess we'll just have to risk him being mad at us. It beats having him stop us."

"So we should start practicing tonight!" Ron exclaimed, a little put out that his idea was stomped on.

The trio stopped this conversation, as they were at one of the Great Hall's entrances.

Little did they know, but their lives were about to change.


Terra was almost nervous. Almost. She had never been all out nervous, or all out anything really. She wasn't the emotional type. Not anymore...

She walked alongside Dumbledore. They were on their way to breakfast. Terra, still in her "normal" clothes to be incognito, was thinking about friends, in general. Her foster parents, or as she called them, "fosties", went to great lengths to insure that she didn't make friends. They said it was bad for her future. That it would screw up plans. But she fully intended to make friends. Hurt them afterward, if she must. But she would not let her forties try and live her life.

The halls were getting wider as Terra and Dumbledore got closer to the Great Hall. She didn't really like Dumbledore much. He was creepy, old, and acted as if he could read minds. The side-long, odd, penetrating stares did not help.

They reached a Great Hall entrance and Dumbledore raised a hand indicating for Terra to wait there. He wanted to get the school ready first. Even though most of the time students didn't eat at the same time, Dumbledore knew how the rumor web worked. A new student would spread. But as he glanced inside he knew that most of the students were there right now, so everyone would know quickly. He stepped in through the door near the High Table. Several, almost, but not quite the majority, looked up, quit talking and just stared. The other's weren't affected at all. But it was when Dumbledore walked to the center of the raised area, in front of the staff members, that people began to get interested. He raised a hand to signal he wanted a bit of silence, or at least less talking, and used his other hand to motion Terra in. Before she entered some students thought that their Headmaster had finally cracked (and some thought that he had cracked long ago), as he looked very much like he was directing traffic.

But when Terra walked in, everyone went silent.

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