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Planning a trip to Flourish and Blotts? Well, here's some books you can pick up while you're there!

Cookery Books

- Enchantments in Baking

- Charm Your Own Cheese

- One Minute Meals - It`s Magic!

Lockhart`s Books

- Break With a Banshee

- Gadding With Ghouls

- Gilderoy Lockhart`s Guide to Household Pests

- Holidays With Hags

- Magical Me

- Travels With Trolls

- Voyages With Vampires

- Wanderings With Werewolves

- Year of the Yeti

School Books

- A Beginners` Guide to Transfiguration by: Emeric Switch

- The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by: Quentin Trimble

- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by: Newt Scamander

- A History of Magic by: Bathilda Bagshot

- Intermediate Transfiguration

- An Encyclopedia of Toadstools

- Magical Drafts and Potions by: Arsenius Jigger

- Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

- The Monster Book of Monsters

- One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by: Phyllida Spore

- The Standard Book of Spells Grade 1 by: Miranda Goshawk

- The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 by: Miranda Goshawk

- The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 3 by: Miranda Goshawk

Quidditch Books

- Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare

- Quidditch Through the Ages

- Flying with the Cannons

- Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland

Fortune-Telling Books

- Predicting the Unpredictable: Insulate Yourself Against Shocks

- Broken Balls: When Fortunes Turn Foul

- Death Omens: What to Do When You Know the Worst is Coming

- Unfogging the Future by: Cassandra Vablatsky

Dragon Books

- Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland

- From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper`s Guide

- Dragon-Breeding for Pleasure and Profit

- Men Who Love Dragons Too Much

Miscellaneous Books

- Curses and Countercurses by: Professor Vindictus Viridian

- Notable Wizarding Events of the 20th Century

- Hogwarts: A History

- Invisible Book of Invisibility

- Modern Magical History

- Prefects Who Gained Power

- The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts

- An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe

- Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions

- Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean

- A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry

- Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century

- Notable Magical Names of Our Time

- Moste Potent Potions

- Important Modern Magical Discoveries

- The Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology

- Fowl or Foul? A Study of Hippogriff Brutality

- Old and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charms

- Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts

- Weird Wizarding Dilemnas and Their Solutions

- Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks

- A Guide to Medieval Sorcery

- An Anthology of Eighteenth-Century Charms

- Dreadful Denizens of the Deeps

- Powers You Never Knew You Had and What to Do With Them Now You`ve Wised Up

- Where There`s a Wand, There`s a Way

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