Chris Jericho nicknamed Lion heart for his long flowing main of blond hair got his start in pro wrestling in 1990. Chris was enrolled into the world-renowned Hart Family Training camp in Calgary Alberta. The Hart Dungeon that has produced such Superstars as Bret and Owen Hart, Davie Boy Smith and Chris Benoit had yet another colossal success in Jericho. Upon completion of three intense months of training Chris made his professional debut on October 2nd 1990. Chris has wrestled a wide variety of wrestling federations around the world and has earned respect in each and every one of them. Some of the countries he traveled to in his early career include Germany, Japan and Mexico. Chris is ranked among the top wrestlers of today and has held several titles around the world. The influence of the different styles of wrestling used internationally is evident in this young superstar. It is due to this experience that Jericho can adapt to just about any in ring situation. Regardless of whether his opponent is a fast paced high flyer or a more technical grappler CJ consistently delivers some of the most dazzling performances in wrestling today. He is as unpredictable as he is talented so it makes any attempt to read his moves a very difficult task to say the least. Not only does he have one of the most diverse repertoires in wrestling today but he's also armed with tremendous mic skills. One dares not be on his bad side because the last thing that needs sharpening is his tounge. Chris is a well known for his quick wit and hot temper as he is for his spectacular in ring displays.


Name: Christopher Keith Irvine (Jericho is merely a ring name taken from the Bible and an album called Walls of Jericho)
Height: 5'11
Birthday: November 9, 1970
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Born in: Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Currently Residing in: Clearwater, Florida
Marital Status: Married to Jessica Lee Lockheart
Education: Graduate of Red River Community College with a degree in Journalism
Trained for Wrestling at: The Hart Training Camp in Calgary Alberta
Time Spent Training: Three months
Pro debut: October 2nd 1990
Wrestling names: Chris Jericho, Y2J, The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, Our Paragon of Virtue, Our Hero, The Millennium Man, Lion heart and many others
Finisher: Walls of Jericho Or Lion tamer as know in his WCW day

If you find you self in disagreement with my view or opinions you my be exhibiting symptoms of being a complete ass clown...

I am a big Jericho fan and have been for years now even before he joined the WWF. Up Intel resent months there was a lot of people who would say Jericho was one of there favorite WWF star, hundreds and thousands of Jerichoholics around the world but as of lately the numbers are probably in the low teens ever since he won the big one defeating not only The Rock but also Stone Cold Steve Austin to become the Undisputed Champion it seems to have changed. Jericho wised up and did what he had to do. He got a new attitude, a new word robe, died his hair red and got a new improved ego.If you watch Raw and/or Smack down you probably seen the signs saying stuff like WAAAH2J , Y2JACKASS and Y2JERK what they need to say is The Rock sucks or The Rock is a crock something along those lines because The Rock was the one who pushed Jericho in his new direction by being a arrogant whining Hollywood hot head when at Rebellion during The Rock vs. Austin match Kurt Angel interfered hitting The Rock with a steel chair Jericho came to the aid of The Rock taking the chair from angel and hitting him with it when The Rock turned around Jerich had the chair ok so it don't look good but hot headed Rock just wasn't hearing it and went on to assault Jericho that is why it is The Rocks fault Jericho made a change in his attitude and now that he is allined with the smartest female in the WWF it wil never EVEEER be the same again.
I find it funny that Undertaker was a hero for almost 7 years of his career when his music hit boom the crowd went wild but now he decides to show some respect for his boss, get a hair cut ask for some respect from his fellow wrestlers and just doing what he wants to do when and how he wants to do it and because of that his fan turn there back on him let see who is it today What oh yeah that is right Mr. Turn Coat himself Stone Cold Steve Austin is a big if not the biggest fan favorite today but when Austin sold his sole to the devil as said by many people at Wrestle Mania 17 last year he was a sell out forming the two man power trip with Triple H after The Games injury Austin went on to team with Kurt Angel he was a hugging, singing, guitar playing buffoon until WCW/ECW invaded and try to take over then he was back to everyone’s hero he was going to save the WWF from the alliance but then what happened he turned yet again he was the benedict Arnold of wrestling and the so called fan wanted to know WHY Stone Cold WHY but now not but about 4 months after teaming with the alliance he is back to hero again and now who is left to be booed and singled out as a bad guy Chris Jericho but good or bad mid card or main even if he losses the title to Triple H I will ALWAAAAAYS be a Jericho fan.

Chris Jericho is in a match for King Of The Ring

Chris Jericho entrance video
Jericho at his best

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