Did You Know

Al Snow - Allan Sarven
Big Bossman - Raymond Traylor

Billy Gunn - Monty Kip Sopp
"Bob" Hardcore Holly - RobertWilliam Howard

Booker T- Booker Huffman
Bradshaw - John Hawk

Chris Benoit - Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho - Christopher Irvine

Diamond Dallas Page - Page Falkenburg
Edge - Adam Copeland

Faarooq - Ron Simmons
Goldust - Dustin Runnels

Hollywood Hogan - Terry Gene Bollea
Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Paul LeVesque

Jacquelyn - Jacquelyn Moore
Justin Credible - P.J Walker

Kane - Glen Jacobs
Kanyon - Chris Kluesaritis

Kevin Nash - Kevin Nash
Kidman - Peter Gruner

Nick Patrick - Nick Hamilton
Pat Patterson - Pierre Clemont

Paul Bearer - William Moody
Big Show - Paul Wight

Raven - Scott Levy
Ric Flair - Richard Morgan Flehr

The Rock- Dwayne Johnson
Rob Van Dam - Rob Szatowski

Scott Hall - Scott Hall
Shane McMahon - Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels - Michael Hickenbottom
Steven Regal - Darren Matthews

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Steve Williams
Taka Michinoku - Takao Yoshida

Tazz - Peter Senerca
Terri Runnels -Terri Boatright-Runnels

Undertaker - Mark Callaway
Val Venis - Sean Morley

Vince McMahon - Vincent K. McMahon Jr.
X-Pac - Sean Waltman

My Favorite Theme Songs & Entry Music

10. Vince McMahon No Chance
9.Tazz Just Another Victim
8.Chris Jericho Break The Walls Down

7.Stacy Keibler Legs
6.Edge Never Gonna Stop
5.Triple H The Game
4.Stephanie McMahon My Time
3.Adam Flash Last Resort
2. mcw_angel Queen Bitch
1.Rob Van Dam One Of A Kind

Masked Wrestlers Identity
Aldo Montoya (WWF)- PJ Walker/Justin Credible
Arachnaman (WCW)- Brad Armstrong
Arachnoids (WWF)-The Headbangers
Avatar -Al Snow
Badstreet (WCW) -Brad Armstrong
Battle Cat (WWF) -Brady Boone
Beetlejuice (WCW)- Art Barr
Big Machine (WWF) -Blackjack Mulligan
Big Van Vader - Leon White
Black Blood (WCW) -Billy Jack Haynes
Black Knight (WWF)- Jeff Gaylord
Black Knight and Red Knight -Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi
Black Scorpion (NWA)-The Angel of Death, Al Perez, and Ric Flair
Black Tiger (New Japan)- Eddie Guerrero
Blue Blazer (WWF) -Owen Hart
Blue Blazer (Mexico)- Phil Lafond
Fake Blue Blazer (WWF)- Steve Blackman, Koko B. Ware, Tom Pritchard
Blue Knight (WWF)- Greg Valentine
Captain USA (World Class) -Big John Studd
Cheetah Kid - Rocco Rock
The Conquistadors (WWF)- Jose Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera
The Conquistadors (WWF, 2000) - Edge and Christian
The Conquistadors #2 (WWF, 2000) - Matt and Jeff Hardy
Cobra (New Japan, WWF) - George Takano
Deadeye Dick (WCW)- Randy Colley
Ding Dongs (NWA) - Jim Evans and Richard Sartain
Dink (WWF)- Tiger Jackson
Dirty Yellow Dog (Florida) - Barry Windham
The Original Doink (WWF)- Matt Borne
Doink II (WWF) - Steve Kiern
Doink III (WWF)- Steve Lombardi
Doink IV (WWF)- Ray Apollo
Doom (WCW) - Butch Reed and Ron Simmons
Doomsday (USWA)- Glen Jacobs
Dos Hombres I (WCW)- Ricky Steamboat br> Dos Hombre II (WCW)- Brad Armstrong
Dos Hombre II (WCW) -Tom Zenk
Dr. Death - Steve Williams
Dr. Feel Good (Mid-South) - Terry Taylor
Dr. X (WCW )-Randy Colley
The Eliminators - Perry Saturn and John Kronus
The Executioner (ICW) - Randy Savage
The Executioners (WWWF) -Killer Kowalski, John Studd, and Nikolai Volkoff
The Executioners (WWF)- Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
Fantasia (WCW)-Brad Armstrong
Jimmy Jack Funk (WWF)-Jesse Barr
Giant Machine (WWF) -Andre The Giant
Gobbledygooker (WWF) -Hector Guerrero
Great Wizard (WCW)-Kevin Sullivan
Handsome Stranger (GWF)-Buff Bagwell
The Halloween Phantom(WCW)- Rick Rude
Hulk Machine (WWF)-Hulk Hogan
Juicer (WCW)- Art Barr
Kane (WWF) -Glen Jacobs
Kato (WWF) -Paul Diamond
Killer Bees (WWF)-Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell
Masked Confusion (UWF)- Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell
Kim Chee (WWF)-Steve Lombardi
Kwang The Ninja (WWF)- Savio Vega
Lazer Tron (NWA)- Hector Guerrero
Lord Humongous -Sid Vicious
Lords Of Darkness (WWF)-Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
Los Espelicitos (WCW)- Ricky Santana and David Sierra
Mankind (WWF)- Mick Foley
Fake Mankind (WWF)- Dennis Knight
The Machine (WCW) -Emory Hale
Masked Destroyer (Florida) -Killer Kowalski
Masked Heel (WCW)- Stevie Ray
Masked Haito (WCW)- Paul Diamond
Masked Outlaw (NWA)- Dory Funk Jr.
Masked Superstar- Bill Eadie
Masked Superstar II (Mid-Atlantic) - Big John Studd
Master Of Pain (Memphis)- The Undertaker
Masters Of Terror (Memphis)- Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
Max Moon (WWF)- Konnan
Max Moon (WWF) -Paul Diamond
Great Mephisto (Memphis)- Romeo Rodriguez
Midnight Rider (NWA)- Dusty Rhodes
Midnight Rider (GWF) -Sam Houston
Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (WCW)- Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos
Mr. JL (WCW)- Jerry Lynn
Mr. Madness (WWF) -Randy Savage
Mr. Olympia -Jerry Stubbs
Mr. Wrestling- Tim Woodin
Mr. Wrestling II -Johnny Walker
Nightmares (Continental, Alabama) -Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
The Outlaw -Dory Funk Sr.
The Patriot (GWF, WCW, WWF) -Del Wilkes
Pegasus Kid (New Japan)- Chris Benoit
Phantom (WWF) -David Heath / Gangrel
Prince Kharis (SMW)- Rob Mayze
Psichosis (AAA, WCW)- Dionico Castellanos
The Punisher (World Class) -The Undertaker
Red Knight (WWF) -Barry Horowitz
Red River Jack (World Class) -Bruiser Brody
Repo Man (WWF)- Barry Darsow
Rey Misterio Jr.- Oscar Gonzalez
Russian Assassin #1 (NWA)- Angel of Death
Russian Assassin #2 (NWA)- Jack Victory
The Screaming Eagles (WCW)- Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin
The Shadows (WWF)- Randy Colley and Jose Luis Rivera
Shanghai Pierce (WCW)- Mark Canterbury
Shinobi (WWF)- Al Snow
The Spider -Randy Savage
The Spider Lady (WWF)- Fabulous Moolah
The Spiders (USWA, WWF)- The Headbangers
The Spoiler -Don Jardine
Stagger Lee -Junkyard Dog, Koko B. Ware
Starblazer (NWA) -Tim Horner
Starship Coyote -Scott Hall
Starship Eagle -Dan Spivey
The Super Assassins (WCW)- The Warlord and Barbarian
The Super Destroyers (World Class) -Bill and Scott Irwin
The Super Destroyers (GWF)- Bill Irwin and Gary Young
Super Invader (WCW)- Hercules
Super Machine (WWF) -Bill Eadie
Super Olympia (Alabama)- Arn Anderson
Super Shockmaster (WCW) -Fred Ottman
Super Strong Machine (Japan) -Junji Hirata
Super Vader (UWFi) -Leon White
Super Zodiac #1 (World Class)- Gary Young
Super Zodiac #2 (World Class) -Mick Foley
Superfly (World Class)- Kamala
Sweet Brown Sugar (World Class) -Skip Young
Sweet Brown Sugar (Memphis) - Koko B. Ware
Tennessee Stud (Memphis)- Ron Fuller
The Terrorist (AWA) -Brian Knobs
The Thunderfoots (NWA)- Joel and Dave Deaton
Tiger Mask #1 -Satoru Sayama
Tiger Mask #2 -Mitsuharu Misawa
Tiger Mask #3 -Koji Kanemoto
Vader (WCW, WWF, Japan)- Leon White
The Viper (GWF)- Mike Davis
War Machine (NWA)- Ray Traylor
Who (WWF)- Jim Neidhart
Wild Pegasus (New Japan)- Chris Benoit
Yellow Dog #1 (WCW)- Brian Pillman
Yellow Dog #2 (WCW) -Tom Zenk
Yeti The Mummy (WCW) -Ron Reis

Wrestlers in Movies

The Undertaker - Suburban Cammando (1991)
Howard Finkel - No Holds Barred (1989)
Ric Flair -Body Slam (1987), The Wrestler (1973)
Hulk Hogan -3 Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain (1998), McCinsey's Island (1998), Assault on Devil's Island (1997), Santa with Muscles (1996), The Secret Agent Club (1996), Mr. Nanny (1993), Suburban Commando (1991), Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), No Holds Barred (1989), Rocky III (1982), Muppets From Space (1999), Spy Hard (1996).
Jerry Lawler - Man on the Moon (1999), Life with Mikey (1993)
Jim Ross - Man on the Moon (1999)
Kevin Nash - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)
Gene Okerlund - Timemaster (1995), Repossessed (1990), No Holds Barred (1989)
Rob Van Dam - Bloodmoon (1997), Superfights (1995)
The Big Show - Jingle All The Way (1997), Waterboy (1998)
Diamond Dallas Page - First Daughter (1999), Ready To Rumble (2000)
Konnan - Ready To Rumble (2000)
Billy Kidman - Ready To Rumble (2000)
Saturn - Ready To Rumble (2000)
Curt Hennig - Ready To Rumble (2000)
Booker T. - Ready To Rumble (2000)
The Rock - The Mummy Returns (2001), The Scorpion (2002)
Stacy Keibler - Bubble Boy (2001)
Edge - Highlander: Endgame (2001)
A-Show: A wrestling event where the big stars wrestle like RAW.
A-Team: A group of wrestlers on an A-Show.
Angle: Events that lead to a feud between wrestlers.
B-Show: A Wrestling event where the jobbers and mid carders wrestle.
B-Team: Group of wrestlers on a B-Show.
Baby face: The good guy or the fan favorite.
Bootleg: An item that is illegally sold or traded.
Bury: To lower somebody by saying bad things about them.
Call a Match: To do play by play and commentary in the match like Jim Ross etc.
Card: The matches on a show.
Cut a Promo: To do an interview or come out and start talking like McMahon does.
Dark Match: A match on a TV show that is not shown on TV.
Face: Short word for baby face.
Feud: When wrestlers hate each other and get into lots of matches.
Finisher: The finishing move. i.e. The Stunner or the choke slam
Foreign Object: An illegal object in the match like a chair or brass knuckles.
Gimmick: The personality of the wrestler. Val Venis's gimmick is a porno star.
Gold: Championship belt
Heat: When the fans boo a wrestler.
Heel: The bad guy.
House: Number of fans in a building.
House Show: A show that is not taped for TV.
Job: A planned loss.
Jobber: A wrestler who loses in order to make another wrestler look good.
Main Eventer: A wrestler that is in contention for the world title, and usually wrestles in main events.
Mid Carder: A wrestler that is not a main eventer, but not quite a jobber.
Pop: When the fans cheer.
Push: When a wrestler wins a lot of matches to make him look good.
Strap: Championship belt.
Submission Hold: A move that makes an opponent give up or tap out. i.e. Ankle Lock
Turn: When a wrestler changes from a heel to a face, or from a face to a heel.

Previous Identities
Billy Gunn
IWF: Kip Winchester
WWF: Billy Gunn, Bad ass billy gunn, RockaBilly
GWF/CWA: John Hawke
WWF: Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw
NWA/WCW: Ron Simmons
WCW: "The All American" Ron Simmons
WWF: Faarooq Aasad
The Godfather
USWA: The Soultaker
WWF: Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa, Kama
WWF: Dustin Runnels
NWA/WCW/Florida/WWF: Dustin Rhodes
Triple H
WWF: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
WCW: Terra Ryzin, Jean-Paul LeVesque
WWF: Isaac Yankem DDS, Jim Ross's Bootleg Diesel
Independent: Christmas Creature
SMW: Unibomb
USWA: Doomsday
The Rock
USWA: Flex Cavana
WWF: Rocky Maivia
Steve Regal
WCW: Steve Regal, Lord Steven Regal
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
WWF: The Ringmaster
USWA/WCW: "Stunning" Steve Austin
ECW: "Superstar" Steve Austin
WCCW: Steve Williams
The Undertaker
WWF: Kane The Undertaker
USWA: The Master of Pain, The Punisher
NWA: "Mean" Mark Callous
WCW: Syxx
GWF: Lightning Kid
WWF: The Cannonball Kid, The Kamikaze Kid, The Kid, The 1-2-3 Kid
Arn Anderson
NWA/WCW: "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson
Georgie: Mr. Olympia
Booker T.and Stivie Ray WCW: Harlem Heat
GWF: The Ebony Experience
WCW: Kane & Kole
Chris Benoit
Japan: The Pegasus Kid, Wild Pegasus
ECW: "The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit
WCW: "The Crippler" Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
ECW/WCW: "Lionheart" Chris Jericho
Hollywood Hogan
WCW: Hulk Hogan
WWF: "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan
Independent: Terry "The Hulk" Boulder, Hulk Machine, Sterling Golden
Kevin Nash
WCW:Master Blaster Steele, Oz, Vinnie Vegas
WWF: Diesel
PNW: Scotty the Body
GWF: Scott Anthony
WWF: Johnny Polo
ECW: The Raven
Scott Hall
Independent: Starship Coyote
WCW: The Diamond Studd
WWF: Razor Ramon

15 - Shane McMahon

25 - Ric Flair

01 - Booker T.
20 - Sting
24 - Undertaker
28 - Curt Hennig

05 - D D P
11 - Goldust
26 - Kane

02 - The Big Bossman
02 - The Rock
15 - Faarooq
16 - The Godfather
25 - ME

07 - Mick Foley
15 - Chris Benoit

09 - Kevin Nash
13 - X-Pac
18 - Al Snow
22 - Shawn Michaels
27 - Hunter Hearst Helmsley

24 - Vince McMahon


11 - Tazz
20 - Scott Hall

11 - Billy Gunn
29 - Jerry Lawler

18 - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
18 - Rob Van Dam

Finishing move's