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How I got in to wrestling

Ever since I was 2 I have been watching wrestling, it didn't matter if it was AWA, WCCW, NWA, GLOW, WCW, MCW or WWF as long as it had some action I was glued to it. I remember my first live event not clear because I was only 5 but I remember screaming so loud I lost my voice from yelling at the Midnite Express who were fighting my favorite Tag team at the time Rock and Roll Express Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson. I even watched it on TV, I don't remember but I think I watch some thing called WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling and I believe that it turned in to AWA then to NWA and the NWA days was when I really started getting in to it picking my favorites cause up till this point I was like any young girl I liked the good guy and the guys my daddy liked but when The Four Horsemen was formed that all change Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard were ass kickers they would kick anyone's ass who tried to take their titles and Flair was/is the dirtiest player in the game he would cheat and not think any thing of it "Win if you can, lose is you must, but ALWAYS cheat!" Jesse Ventura's words to live by, Then NWA turned in to WCW and now Vince owns them all. I have been to so many wrestling events and met so many WCW/WWF/MCW stars in and out of carcature. My room is a wrestling shrine On every wall there is posters, calendars, and cardboard cut out of all my favorite WWF wrestlers. Over the past four months I have spent close to if not over $300.00 on wrestling merchandise includeing A Tazz hat, The APA licenes plate and Undertaker bandanna witch are hanging on my wall,The Hardy Boyz twist of fate T-shirt and ball and chin pendant,The RVD Pendant. I subcribe to WWF and Raw magazine and collect TV guides, magazines and newspapers that have any mention of the wrestling. I thought I would grow out of it but 18 years after seeing my first live event I am more in to wrestling now then ever WWF, WWA and MCW are all I talk about.

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