**Team Extreme**

Matt and Jeff were born in Cameron, NC in the 70's. Matt was 12 and Jeff was 9 when there mother passed away. In 1987 Matt and Jeff recived a trampoline as a Christmas presant from there father, together with ther friend they formed TWF Teenage Wrestling Federation and ran there own pay-per-views. In 1993 the Hardyz made their pro debut with PFW in later that year a 16 year old Jeff found him self in the ring with Razor Ramon on Raw Is War. Matt and Jeff competed in several federation shows before the went home and formed there own league OMEGA.At the same time Lita was quickly bulding her self up as a valet and a in ring performer in NWA and ECW as Angelica and Miss Congeniality. At Litas 3rd show for NWA she met the Hardyz and their OMEGA friends they invited her to train with them in North Carolina.In 1997 Matt Hardy made his WWF singles debut he faced alot of opposition and after limited success they brought in Jeff to form a tag team. Despite several defeats The Hardyz stayed focused and In 1999 The Hardyz with the help of Michael PS Hayes won their fist tag team gold. After Hayes cost them the titles at the 1999 Fully Loaded The Hardys departed from him and went with Gangral to form the New Brood but that didn't last long.The Hardy then went on to be managed by Terri at the same time Lita was makeing a name for her self along side of Essa Rios, While Lita was turning head Terrie turned on The Hardys leavin them durning a #1 contenders match and helping Edge and Christian. At October 1999's No Mercy Pay-Per-View, when they defeated Edge and Christian in a ladder match.After a loseing streak Essa Rios began miss treating Lita and The Hardyz took notice to it and defended her and form a new threesome. In Augest of 2001 Lita defeated Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley for the wemons title.Since then, the Hardyz have been a part of nearly every memorable tag team match the Federation has put on, including the infamous TLC Match from SummerSlam 2000. With Lita by their side, Still in their early 20s, Matt and Jeff Hardy are two of the youngest and most gifted high-flying superstars in World Wrestling Federation history.