Real Name: Joanie Laurer
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 182 lbs
Measurements: 36-24-35
Occupation: Model, Wrestler
Birth Date: December 27th 1970
Birth Place: Rochester, New York

Joanie Laurer or Chyna as know to the wrestling world attended Killer Kowalski's Wrestling School in 1995 which is where she met Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Voted "Rookie Of The Year 1996" by the PGWA. Chyna entered the WWF as Hunter Hearst-Helmsley's bodyguard in 1997 by making her debut as "Chyna", Triple H's valet and bodyguard. She quickly made her presence known, interfereing in matches and taking care of any one that got in the way, she was soon declared 'The Ninth Wonder Of The World' by ringside announcers since she was physically one of the largest women anyone in the wrestling world had ever seen. Most male viewers however were left cold by her unfeminine appearance - she was too muscular, had no chest and was definitely not the desirable sex symbol that wow's the male audience. To the detriment of Triple H's opponents however, Chyna discovered that she could easily make the difference between her man winning or losing a match by giving them her lethal and now famous 'low blow'. Chyna and Triple-H quickly went on to team up with the WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels a threesome early on that was referred to as the "triple threat" in 1997-98 they formed th D-Generation X. With athletes like X-Pac, Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn this group was a major force to be reckoned with each and every week. Chyna became integral to the groups multiple victories and became quite skillful in interfering during a match by taking an opponent 'out' while the ref was being distracted by other member's of DX.
Taking time off towards the end of 1998 Chyna returned to the WWF after having gone to a plastic surgeon and having her jawline reconfigured. A few weeks later a much "bustier" Chyna appeared with Triple H who was returning from an injury. Chyna began to show a different side of herself a more livielyer side. On RAW Chyna took the mic and told HHH, Xpac, B.A. Billy and the Road Dog that the fans, might actually be sick of seeing their asses on t.v and that if anyone was gonna initiate a DX split it was gonna be HER and she whipped down her leggings and mooned the crowd. Chyna was obviously on the right track for propelling her towards Diva status. .
After publicly stating that she had no desire to go after the WWF Women's Championship Title since she didn't feel that there was much of a challenge facing other women, Chyna began blossoming into a well-liked and respected woman in a man's world. Obviously reveling in the excitement of testing herself in the ring against the men while enjoying her new found status as an up and coming Diva, she did quite well for herself while seizing several firsts in the wrestling world.
In January 1999 Chyna became the first woman to compete in a Royal Rumble PPV as she continued her assault on the WWF men's division. Not content in just confronting her one time mentor Triple H (who was now in real life her significant other) she decided to battle the two Superstars of the WWF - Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock - and held her own against either in several matches. Two months prior to her No Mercy PPV appearance in October 1999 Chyna and Jeff Jarrett became embroiled in an unrelenting and openly hostile feud that featured some of the best battles ever seen between and male and female wrestler. Both competitor's would go out of their way to antagonize each other week after week. "The Ninth Wonder" achieved what no other woman had ever done in the WWF when she soundly defeated Double J in a violent match that gained Chyna her 1st WWF Intercontinental Title while Double J left the WWF. Finally becoming an equal with the male wrestlers who said it couldn't be done, Chyna decided to get Cat/Ms.Kitty to be her own personal valet the next night on Raw.
This opened the door for my man Y2J Chris Jericho who immediately began a hilarious verbal assault that led to some very fine physical and entertaining matches between the two. Eventually in December 1999 Chyna lost her Intercontinental Title Belt to Chris at the Armageddon PPV. Chyna then went on to aid Y2J wherever and whenever she could.
At this same time it was rumored that her real life romance with HHH was beginning to go downhill. This seemed to be due to the continuing Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley marriage storyline apparently bringing Steph and Triple H closer together on a personal level. In April 2000 during a European Title match between titleholder Y2J and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna turned on Chris. The referee had been inadvertently knocked out and Chyna entered the ring and administered an unofficial three count, and then raised Jericho's hand as if he had won the match. Then she surprised everyone - including Guerrero himself - when she kicked Y2J in the midsection and delivered a DDT. She dragged Guerrero and top and threw the referee back in the ring, who made the three count and awarded the European Championship to Guerrero. From then on she partnered with Eddie who became "Latino Heat", while she became known as "Mamacita".
In August 2000 Chyna regained the Intercontinental Title after Commissioner Mick Foley set up an Intergender Tag Team Match for the Summer Slam PPV. The match pitted Val & Trish Stratus against Eddie & Chyna, but with the stipulation that whomever got the pin would be declared the Intercontinental Champion. After a lengthy and hard fought battle Chyna was able to pin Trish and become the Intercontinental Champion for the 2nd time in her career. To continue her "roll" it was officially announced in September that her first Playboy Photo Shoot would be featured in the November issue.
Eventually in mid-October Billy Gunn returned to action and Chyna began to be seen more and more with her ex Degeneration-X teammate and friend. Eddie became more and more jealous of their friendship and then he got himself busted by GTV in the showers with the "ho's" Mandy & Victoria. After giving Eddie his ring back Chyna left the arena in tears. A few nights later Eddie blasted Chyna by stating that he was tired of her moaning and crying, and that she was a whimpering pain in the ass! Chyna's real life was not doing much better as she announced to the world in November that she was single and unattached, Chyna then teamed up with Billy Gunn and battling both Eddie Guerrero and the "Right To Censor"
Chyna’s Playboy had sold over 1,000,000 copies and that it had exceeded the Playboy that featured Sable by approximately 200,000 copies. Chyna need a storyline to take time off from wrestling to make personal publicity appearances pushing her new "workout" video Chyna received a supposed neck injury from Ivory who delivered a spike piledriver to her opponent.
A month later during a Raw in Jan. 2001 Ivory bad mouthed Chyna by saying that her injury was a bluff and that Chyna was afraid to step into the ring with her! Ivory stated that she would put her Women's Championship on the line against Chyna at the Royal Rumble if the Ninth Wonder of the World would return to the ring! Billy Gunn beged Chyna not to wrestle since the doctors had told her it was to soon to return to the ring. But she was determind Chyna definitely had the upper hand on Ivory until she went for her handspring elbow, and landing awkwardly, appeared to re-injure her neck. Ivory quickly pinned Chyna to retain her title and worried Federation officials rushed to Chyna's side to check her condition.Once again Chyna's "injuries" allowed her time off until April 2001 so she could promote her biography entitled "If They Only Knew"
During this time off it was also announced that Chyna would be featured in a second Playboy Photo Shoot. In March Ivory announced that Chyna wanted another Women's Title shot and since she had put her out of action once, she would do it again at the Wrestlemania X-Seven PPV in April. Unfortunately things did not turn out like Ivory had planned as Chyna "pressed" Ivory above her head and then let her drop like a box of rocks for the win.
Chyna defended her belt only 3 times after that match, a re-match against Ivory, then Molly Holly and finally Lita at the Judgment Day PPV. Then All of a sudden the "Ninth Wonder Of The World" was dropped from WWF broadcast.
Rumors were flying for many months about the negotiations, but none of them were giving Joanie much chance of reaching an agreement. Joanie was unable to come to terms with the WWF and has now opened up her own web site, continues to make personal appearances throughout the country and is trying to establish an acting career.
Joanie is the current host of Robot Wars and the Tough Guy series on AMC. She is also known for her recurring role on Third Rock from the Sun and guest-starring roles on Relic Hunter, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and many others. She has also appeared in television and feature films including Alien, Fury, C I, and Frank McKlusky.
Joanie proved that if you whant something bad enough you can get it she went from a physical female "brawler" to a full blown Diva, Chyna showed women that it was possible to make it in the testosterone male world of the WWF, and how to do it with class!