Major Gunns proved herself once again but barely slipping by the biggest women in all of wrestling... The Big Bitch Nicole Bass! Everyone thought that Nicole would tear Major Gunns apart...and she pretty much did. Until by some strange change in events Major Gunns managed to score the victory walking out of Smackdown a winner. And i guess Major Gunns owes that victory to her fellow stablemates Riot and Danger who came down to ringside and helped her defeat Nicole Bass. But it doesnt matter how Major Gunns won the match, all that matters is that she did...and she is now in round 2 with the best of the best and she plans on staying in this tournament until the end! She wants nothing more than to become the second ever queen of the ring, and she has that chance on the line this week on Smackdown when she is placed in the main event to go head to head with one of the toughest women in the business Jungle Grrl! Will Major Gunns be able to add a new name to her list of victories? Or will Jungle Grrl take the chance that she has got and run with it? After all we all heard about how Jungle Grrl so desperately wanted to get her hands on Major Gunns. Well on Smackdown she gets her chance...and although it is not for her title...it can make her one step closer to the World Gold...IF Jungle Grrl is to win the Queen of the Ring. But you can guarantee that Major Gunns is going to put up one helluva fight...so JG better WATCH OUT! Tune in to Smackdown to watch this historical match-up! I know i will!

=+:*:+= Scene one-Did Major Gunns get replaced by Patti Pizzazz?!?!!=+:*:+=

Scene-~-~-~->The scene opens backstage where Major Gunns has recently arrived to the arena just a day or so before Smackdown. She walks through the double doors with a look of determination on her face. You can tell that she has some very important business to handle. She walks down the hall past several rows of locker rooms until she finally see's the one she is looking for. She stops for a moment and knocks on the door three quick knocks. Finally the door opens and standing there is the current Intercontinental Champion Lana Star! The fans boo her extremely loud as she is first shown on the titan-tron. Major Gunns steps in an walks around the locker room for a moment looking very angry before Lana starts to ask Tylene just what is wrong... <-~-~-~-End Scene

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Tylene...what the hell is wrong?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} What do you mean WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG!?!?!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Well you came barging in here like you had something you needed to say....so what is it?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} I just want you to know that i WAS in that arena on Raw!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} I know you were...remember i saw you get in an arguement with Molly Holly...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} And i SAW what you did... oh i sure did... i saw it VERY clearly!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Ty, what on earth are you talking about? I have like no earthly idea why you are so upset...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Well i mean at first i was SO excited for you because i knew that you were about to come back in that match against Tori and end up kicking her ass!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Yeah....whats your point? *Lana looks confused*

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Then i saw that masked lady jump over the stands to help you out...and i was thinking...who in the hell could that be?!!? i had no earthly idea, and for a second there i even thought it was bobbi billard returning to the BWO!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} For god sakes no... i hate that disguisting whore... i would NEVER associate with her EVER again!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Yeah i know that now...but anyways... then later that night i realized it was Patti Pazzazz! *tylene looks furious* What the hell is that about Lana?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} What do you mean!?!? She is just like a friend of mine...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Yeah i know... and is she like your NEW tag team partner or something?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Like um...no...not really...well not yet...but who knows... i mean she is more like a back up tag team partner... i mean... we NEVER get teamed together anyways...maybe her and i will sometime...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Yeah we will see about that!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} I am still like SO confused...why exactly are you worried about this? Its just Pattia Pazzazz for god's sake.

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Well is she like going to be your NEW best friend or something? I mean, this whole time it has been all about the Starr of the Show and the Canadian Beauty...Lana and Major Gunns...the two best in the business...and now that you won the intercontinental title we are proving that we are the best because we both have the top two titles here in the XwwA...but then Patti Pazzazz comes along and all the sudden she is your NEW tag team partner and your NEW best friend...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Oh...i see now...*lana smirks*

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} What is THAT for?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Your jealous of her aren't you?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} WHAT?! Jealous of WHO!?!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Ummm...Patti...DUH.

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Oh please! I cant believe you would even say such a thing! Why in gods name would I be jealous of Patti...she is like a nothing and a nobody! Thats like me being jealous of Jungle Grrl...it just doesnt happen!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Well look Ty, your still my best friend...we are inseperable, what would the XwwA be like without the two of us side by side? And Patti may or may not be teamed up with me a few times...but that doesnt mean that she is replacing you Ty... i cant believe you would even think such a thing!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Yeah...me either... after all we could be like a ....trio if we had too...right?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Of course...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} God, i am like totally happy that that is off of my chest. I have so much more important things to worry about... after all...i have my second round match for the Queen of the Ring tournament...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Oh yeah, Jungle Grrl right? *Tylene nods* I've got Molly Holly...piece of cake...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Yeah... i mean.. i think you have had it easy so far...Molly is probably tougher than Tori, she has been a former World Champion... but that doesnt mean anything...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} She totally has lost her touch...she should have lost to Danger and she is lucky that she didn't...but thats alright... she isnt going to get passed the second round... i can guarantee that!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} Neither will Jungle Grrl... i dont know who she thinks she is... coming back to the XwwA acting like she is someone important. But i know for a fact that she has wanted to get a piece of me for a LONG time! She wants nothing more than to step into the ring with me and beat me...but you can bet your ass that that is just going to make me try ten times harder! I dont let anyone get the best of me...not Angelica, not Nicole Bass...and NOT jungle grrl!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Good Tylene, it is going to be awesome having both of us in round three together... soon enough we will be in the finals together! Just like the Lethal Lottery tournament...we always put on the best shows... the world just LOVES to see us two compete. *fans boo*

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} We have some sorry matches this week...you've got to face that hefty, wholesome and prude dumbass Molly Holly, and i've got to face that nasty Jane of the Jungle Wannabe, with a third degree infestation of lice... its pathetic the type of women we have to go up against!!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} It sure is... but atleast it makes us a well rounded person because we get to face all kinds of competition....OOooPs did i say competition??? Because we all know that there is NO competition in the XwwA for us!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-}You know it... Jungle Grrl and Molly Holly are both going to fall victem to the Bitch World Order! We are the most dominant stable there is.. and we will prove that once again on Smackdown when we destroy those two!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Oh speaking of the BWO that reminds me... how AWESOME it was too see Ivory get her ass kicked out! *laughs* Boy was that a shocker... i never thought i would see that coming.

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} OH yeah! Thats just great... i can't wait to KICK her ass when she has to face me for my belt... i always love kicking ass and hers will be EXTREMELY fun to kick!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} I cant wait to see that..she actually thinks that she deserves to get a title shot!?! What was stephanie thinking granting that shot?

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} I have NO CLUE!

Scene-~-~-~->Suddenly someone knocks three times ont he door and then enters without waiting for a "come in". At the door stands an XwwA worker... <-~-~-~-End Scene

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Worker-John {-*/=\*-} Hey Lana, you have an interview scheduled and they told me to come get you immediately...i think your up next..

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} Ugh! Ok... whatever! I will be there in a minute...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Worker-John {-*/=\*-} *John continues to stand there staring at the two of them...*

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} UHM! Are you going to get out of my locker room now?!?!

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Worker-John {-*/=\*-} Oh,, sorry about that...*john shuts the door as Lana and Tylene turn towards eachother*

{-*/=\*-}XwwA World Champion Major Gunns {-*/=\*-} What the hell is his problem..he was totally staring at your breast... i saw him...

{-*/=\*-}XwwA Intercontinental Champion Lana Star {-*/=\*-} YUCK! What a nasty pervert!

Scene-~-~-~->The scene stars to fade as Lana gets up to leave the locker room and head towards her interview. Major Gunns stays around in the locker room as the cameras go to a commercial break.<-~-~-~-End Scene


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