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:: The Scene opens on a corridor backstage. Aya, dressed in a blue Catsuit is seen walking into a locker room. The camera follows her into the room and sees Craig doing press-ups in the middle of the room. ::

Aya: How many?

Craig: 150, no need to go overboard. 

Aya: I don't know, Jimmy Kash isn't one of those no-named guys you've faced recently.

Craig: That i know baby, i also know actually how to battle a guy like Kash. Like too many guys these days he's to into himself, far too sure he's going to be the winner. Guys like that always walk in with their heads high and their confidence levels sky high. When your confidence is that high, the chances of making a mistake is a hell of a lot higher then when you walk in there will a will to win. I step into the ring knowing there's a chance i could lose, I've always level headed and i rarely make mistakes. 

Aya: Someone sounds big headed. *smiles*

Craig: I may sound it but i'm not, i've learnt a lot during my time in this business, anything's possible. I have no fear of Jimmy Kash and i Know there is a chance... Hell there's a little chance he could pick up the big W, but he won't get it without one hell of a fight.

Aya: It's good to be back here isn't it? I mean after all the crap we've had to put up with since this place closed down the last time. You were right, the EAW would open sooner or later.

Craig: Don't forget I've been with the EAW since the beginning, back from Day 1. in fact i've seen 4 day One's in the EAW's history. But i'm wondering why you didn't retain your Wrestler contract.

Aya: I may resign my contract to add "Wrestler" to it, but for now i just want to take a rest, see things from ringside for a while. If anyone out there decides to Challenge me, then yea i'll become a wrestler again, not for now i'd just like to watch your back from outside. 

Craig: Good enough for me. It's your choice, i was just wondering why you made it that's all. Anyway how long till showtime?

Aya: About an hour forty five will the Pre-show dark Matches. So i'd guess about 2 hours till the lights go on.

Craig: Cool. Looks like the time for my return has come, I'm about to make the next step towards the US title, it's not the World title, but it'll do for now.

:: Craig grabs his wrestling gear from a bag near-by and disappears behind a screen to get changed. A few Minute later he steps out, his Shorts and Knee brace in place. ::

Craig: The Ironman is Back!