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:: The scene opens up on a smoke filled warehouse, meat is hanging from the ceiling on great hooks. It doesn't take long to work out what meat... Cowboy. We see Craig and Jennifer dressed in their wrestling gear, ready for battle. ::

Craig: The date is set. The time and place for round 3 has been decided. Coy once more you and i go at it. Last man standing, a match where pinfall and submission count for nothing. A match where you have to beat the other guy up and knock him out. Beat him to the point where he can't get up. Pummel him until he can no longer move. You getting my point here?

Jenn: The Tournament is coming closer as well. The Women's Championship is coming back to the EWA and I have a good idea who the belt is going home with. The wheel of fate is looking good for the pair of us this Sunday night. The sears are speaking our praises. Stating we are going to hold more power on Monday. Telling us the job's in the bag. Julie D and Suzie L. your fates have been sealed already. for you know not who you step into the ring with. 

Craig: Coy however knows exactly who he's getting into the ring with. That makes things a little harder then i'd planned. You've dodged me twice now Coy and that makes me very angry. To know that twice you have managed to get past me, to walk home with the title that should be mine by now. Coy your a slippery little bugger, but i aim to make sure all that ends on Sunday, Be it by chair, fist or ladder i will see you go down and stay down.

Jenn: The shadows have been calling to us. Showing us the way since we found our real selves. Since we cast off our shells and learnt the ways of the afterworld. it has been a while since i stepped into a ring to fight, but i remember the way and i had a good trainer to help me get back into fighting form. After i deal with Suzie and Julie, only one more women sits in my way. Who knows who it'll be, Maybe Kit-E will surprise us all and find a braincell somewhere in her bust, maybe Cassie will prove to be the upset or maybe, just maybe Fyre will live up to her press and pick up the win. But whichever of these three makes it. i have no problem with judging them... none at all.

Craig: Madison Square garden will be a scene of carnage after we're done. 20,000 people will get to watch as i made your soul raise and run away from your broken body. For i am the soul collector... the true Angel of Death. For with great power comes great ass kicking ability. Will you manage to slip away a 3rd time Coy? or will fate and justice strike at you and make you lie there while i take your precious away from you? I'll give you a hint Coy... you can't stop a force of nature, you can dodge it sure but sooner or later it catches you and makes you feel the pain. This could have been easy on you Coy, but you kept running away and hiding from me. So now i'll just have to beat you to within an inch of your life and make the kill... slowly.

Jenn: The fires of hell burn bright this night. The gates are open, ready to admit 3 new inmates. I'm sure Coy and his two new bunkmates will like it there. Your tan will love you for it and the spare ribs there are great... i hear their all waiting for the Coy special.

:: The pairs eyes flare red. ::

Jenn: The Women's title will be mine

Craig: The hardcore title will be mine.

Jenn: The change...

Craig: coming. The fury will no longer ...

Jenn: .. be held in check. The times ...

Craig: ... are changing. All will see the Evolution ...

Jenn: ... come Wrestlefest. And anyone who doesn't like that

Craig and Jenn: GET OVER IT!

:: The smoke raises again, covering the pair until only 4 bright red eyes can be seen, ::