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"The Ironman" Craig Rodger

:: The camera pans around the hall of Purgatory. The gold statues gone, replaced with a huge golden statue of The Ironman, and a tiny oscar like statue of Jaeger Khrushchev. Craig walk into view, wearing a mask over his face. He slowly removes the mask and places it onto his statue. ::

Craig: Many have tried to put me down in the past, some have even managed it, but only for a short time. You see the Angel of Death can't be stopped, not truely. You may be able to slow me down for a while, but i'll keep coming until you have no fight left in you. Shortly Coy will find that out, but first i have another mission. Another reason to return to the EWA ring and prove why i am to be feared. later tonight Jaeger you will know fear and you will know why you are nothing. 

:: Craig looks at the statues and smiles. ::

Craig: i don't know... something's missing.

:: Jennifer walks onto camera and places a small Russian flag in Jaeger's hand. ::

Jenn: That better?

Craig: Yes, thankyou. Now where was i? oh yea. Jaeger tonight you will be given a great honour the chance to face the true master of the ring. Fate comes to us all after a while. We can't run or hide from the Reaper. This is the lesson that you Jaeger will learn this Sunday, when the reaper's right hand man comes to make you see the error of your ways, to show you that everyone's time comes. It may be today, it may be tomorrow may be a year from now, but sooner or later the reaper comes to everyone. You Jeager, Coy, even Angel. Sooner or later all those on my list will feel the true power of the reaper. 

Craig: Close your eyes Jeager, can't you feel it? The sands of time are nearing their end, before too long the hour glass will be empty and then I come. When the sand stops falling, fate's will takes over, for i am the enforcer of Fate's will. When the Ironman gets through with you, Hades gets to play with what's left of you. You have little time before the real games begin, Before the demons of Hades get to have their way with you, play football with your liver, play guitar with your upper torso, your leg jammed up your ass to make a fret board. Oh yes, I have a lot planned for you in the afterlife. Your really going to like it there, i promise. 

:: Craig stands over the Jeager statue and taps it with his foot. He raises his leg and stomps on the statue, crushing it. ::

Craig: This is what is waiting for you Jeager, you will be crushed, just like all the others that want to get  in my way. But now that i'm an enemy of the Russian State.. Oh dear... As if anyone gives a rats ass about Russia. In world war II the russians spent their time killing their own men, Sending out soldiers in pairs, one with the rifle, his mate with one spare ammo clip. Wow what tactical insight. but Jeager i don't fear you and i don't fear the Jeagerspiel... it sounds like a cheap beer. What you gonna do? give me a Shandy Shower? you going to Re-educate me? Sorry to get you this Comrade but the only one out of the pair of us that's HAD an education is me. 

Craig: You say i'm nothing, but i've been since a hell of a lot longer then you. While you were in Russia, drinking you cans of Jeagerspiel, i was here kicking ass and taking names so don't you DARE badmouth me. You have no right, all you are is some jumped up little piece of Russian trash that's had it easy since you came to America's shore in your little boat and asked for a chance to talk crap on TV. all you ever do is talk to your little gay Russian friend Iva Big'on. Then you come out here and fumble around in the ring till the other guy gets bored and falls asleep.

Craig: Ruskie, you have no idea what type of fire your playing with, but'll find out and if you don't like that idea...GET OVER IT!

Jennifer Rodger