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Skill Points


What Are Skill Points?

Skill Points go hand in hand with attacks. When you start off your current skill points are set at 0.
Skill Points will allow you to add 1 (one) level to an attack of your choice, but only to that one and only attack.
An added level to an attack increases its attack damage by 5%
So, for example, your current skill point is 1, and lets say you wanted to add a level to a Kamehameha (10%)
Therefore, when the skill level is used, the Kamehameha will be upgraded to a Kamehameha Lv. 2 (15%), and so on.

How Do I Gain Skill Points?

To Gain Skill Points, you must first train in order to upgrade attack levels.

Putting It All Together

Basically, any attack within a range of 1-10% AD requires 1 Skill Point to upgrade
Any technique will take 2 Skill Points to upgrade
And any attack with a range greater than 10% will require 3 Skill Points to upgrade
You may also trade different skills to upgrade another attack, for example:
You train with Kibitoshin and have 3 Skill Points, you can use 2 of them on a Technique and 1 of them on an attack below 10%

**Note** To begin your Skill Level training, each Trainer may ask for a form of payment or require you to bring them a certain item

*IMPORTANT* When upgrading attacks be sure to take into mind the actual percent (%) increase to your own stats, if the attack is too powerful you may end up killing yourself