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DBZA Journey Items

This place will determine what an object does when you find it on your Journey. Anything here MAY be sold to the equipment center for a reasonable price depending on what item/rareness it has. The amount of Zeni you get back depends on the rareness of the item and what quality(s) it has. Rareness of an item is based on *'s. Highest rating is ***** (5 stars).

Healing Items


Herbs - Various

**NOTE** These Herbs are used specifically for battle use only





Used for Tea (Heal 5%)



Will Heal You 10%



Add 1 Attack Lvl to 1 attack for 1 turn

EX: Kamehameha Lv. 2

Devil Boosted PL for 1 Round Temporary 100,000  Boost In PL
Pyro Severe enragement triggers a sudden burst of concealed energy Increased 25% PL for 1 Round
Aqua Fishes are nimble and quick in the water. These aquatic herbs will help the body to be more cunning, quicker instincts, and faster. Added 50% agility in battle
Earth Will Heal you (25%) Heal
Eternal Random Effect, Subtract  the total # of herbs (12) by the Month to determine what effect will occur. If it is the 4th month (April) then the herb will have NO effect. **Note effect equation must be done the same month the herb is found. EX: 12 - 5 = 7
#7 = Earth Herb
Young Use this Herb and Gain 25% Ki Add an additional 25% to your Ki
Elder Gain 50% Ki Ad from using this Herb Add an additional 50% to your Ki AD
Black Use In Battle, draws opposite ki from opponent (EX: Dark Ki) to overwhelm opponent [Gain (x)%] AD Add 25% of opponents max PL to your PL
Light Draw Energy from herb and gain 25% PL Add an additional 25% to your PL
EX: 1,000,000   % = 250,000

*Herbs can vary, from great medicine to just plain bad tasting tea. These herbs will have different effects on you, check the food guide!*



1/3 Senzu Bean

**Well well well... you've found 1/3 of a Senzu bean!!! Don't fool yourself though, it works perfectly fine, yet it only replenishes 35% of your overall pl...hmm might want to wash this off before you put it in your don't even know where it's been!**



N/A At the moment...

Special Training Access



Ice Key
Fire Key
Water Key
Terra Key

**Can be used at desired locations hidden throughout the land...must pay zeni to the village elder in order to find the location (locations cut off from average everyday people), must be used at CERTAIN times throughout the year**

Weighted Clothes/Training Gear


Vest - An all around training vest...good for adding a little fashion sense to your training clothes. 4% extra PL during training/sparring/battle
Saiyan Brigade Armor - A battered looking suit of armor worn by the ruthless saiyans...ancient looking yet also good for adding a little more fashion to your training routine.  10 % extra PL during training/sparring/battle


Sturdy Vest - A better quality vest, may reduce 5% damage from given off from an attack. Extra 15% during training/sparring/battle
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Training Uniform
- A basic training uniform, will reduce 2% damage. Extra 13% during training/sparring/battle.
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Saiyan Rit Armor
- A versatile suit of armor, covers only the midsection though. A more...modern form of armor worn by the saiyans. Will reduce 7% of Ki Attacks. Extra 17% PL during training/ sparring/battle
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**


Mysterious Vest - This vest is made from unknown fiber not known to modern day fibers...Will reduce 10% damage. Extra 18% during training/sparring/battle
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Sturdy Uniform - A better quality fiber used on this uniform, will reduce 5% damage. Extra 17% during training/sparring/battle
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Ki Shock Armor - Will give you an extra turn to attack if the opponent hits you with a Ki-Based attack, only works if opponent is at least 30% weaker than you
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

****ULTRA RARE****

Mysterious Uniform - Great uniform! Lightweight and not to mention stylish too...will reduce 25% damage and an added 1 evade during battles
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Ballistic Armor - A real piece of work...worn by vegeta during the cell games reduces 30% damage and an added 1 block during battles
**Does Not Stack With Any Other Training Gear**

Android Equipment


Nanomachine - This upgrade to any androids processor will reduce the damage by 1-25% depending on the version of the Nanomachine (v1 - v25)


ECP Unit - Feeling down and out? Need an oil change? Can't find a pit-stop anywhere? Well then simply plug this Unit into your VEC slot (normally located under chest plate area) and feel good as new! For instant android rejuvenation and relief, always keep an ECP Unit handy!

*TIP!!! Not a android? Not a problem! Just stop by any of the equipment stores and drop off the ECP Unit and get an instant payload! High-tech equipment means a great payload on your hands!*

Other Items/Misc. Items


Desert Bracelet - Can be found in desert conditioned weather, mostly in large area's of sandstorms. It is granted with the same qualities as the DB's themselves and 5-7 of them are produced after each use of the DB's as a mystical effect which still remains to be unexplained (raises agility 100)

*****MEGA RARE*****

Dragon Breath
- Often when the eternal dragon is summoned, it has to breathe very heavily to grant a wish, this breathing often lets off a certain gas which is only defined as Dragonbreath. The gas goes into the air and diminishes, but sometimes gets sucked in by underground geysers and becomes trapped for a period of time. Raises PL 1,000,000



Dragon Talisman - An amulet with a claw of the legendary dragon hanging from it, can be used to revive a person ONCE



Orbs: List of Orbs Here