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Welcome to the [[{G.X.F.}]] Clan Page.
Well well well..guess who's back...yeah the one...the only...VeNoMz. A couple of things i'd like to point out before going on

1) I have thought long and hard on it, and I am retiring from CS, so anyone wants me back you'll have to try damn well harder to get me back in the game.

2) I'm in Vegas if most of you have figured it out, and it sucks to be blunt, but chronically speaking, i'll probably be back in good ol' Anaheim when next year's school year comes round...i'll post more if i get any other info

3) I've heard lately that people have been talkin 'ish on me...if that's so you better watch it cause i hear anything more when I get there, you ass is mine.

4) The rumors have been going on and on about this "Richard Perez" fellow in the locker room since last year, please discard it and get on with your lives if you've been obsessing over it for all this time.

5) Yes, yes i know i have shut down G.X.F. but who knows...i might bring it back sometime in the future.

Well now, i guess this concludes our little talk now, doesn't it? Look forward to the next update sometime within the next 2 weeks, P3@C3 Ya'll


[[{G.X.F.}]]...Leave Your Mercy At The Door...


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