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DBZ A Chat Rules

These AOL based chat rooms are meant for battles / spars.

If by chance you become the Room Admin, then you may boot non-members (people not in the rpg).


If you boot a member, you may be :

1)  Fired

2) Lose a significant amount PL permanently

Chat Room


Sparring will remain the same, as listed on the Rules page.



Battling in the chats will be different. As listed on the Rules page, it will be divided into turns/rounds.
You start off with the amount of dodges/blocks listed on the Rules page, when you perform (do a) dodge/block, you will have to roll a die (roll dice)
When you roll your die, it will determine how your dodge/block will be played.
You will be rolling 1 12 Sided Die.





Roll the Die

Number Below 9
(- 9)

Dodge/Block Will Fail

Roll the Die

Number 9 & Above

Dodge/Block Will be successful

Simple as that. Period.


How To Roll The Dice


To make things simple, just go to Keyword: Dice



When you are in the chat, to roll die the command is:


In Other Words:



Confused? Click Here



Every year (or months in most cases) a tournament will be held.
Tournaments will be treated the same as Battles except killing will be against the rules
You will continue your tournament until your opponent will give up or be K.O.'ed

Ring Outs

A Ring Out is another way to disqualify your opponent during the Tournament
Ring Outs will only count of your opponent is AT LEAST down to 1/2 of their max PL.

Working Ring Outs

When your opponent is at least 1/2 PL, you have the chance to disqualify him by Ring Out (RO)
To perform an R.O., you will have to do an action that will say he is being knocked out of the ring.
EX: *Goku charges towards Vegeta and gives a hard roundhouse punch to his face sending him skidding out of the ring*

When this happens, you will roll 2 6 sided dice.
Whatever # you get from that, your opponent has a chance to roll 3 times
If on any of the 3 rolls, your opponent gets a pair of #'s higher than what you originally rolled, then he will not be knocked out of the ring
And so you continue your Battle.
You may perform a maximum of 2 R.O.'s every Round.