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Teen Tech

Renea T.

Welcome 2 Teentech a page created by a bored teenager on a school night!! I will say it will improve over time but for now i'm gonna hit the basics of what i think is important.. ~*~Religion~*~ ~*~Controversy~*~ There r so many religions in todays world. How can a teen just choose 1? See i'm a teen that has looked into about 4 or 5 religions.Wicca, Christianity, Islamic, and Atheist. I kinda still look into each. But see Christianity makes me feel like i am being told how to live my life and i'm not the type of person who can stand that in any form! But everyone has their own opinions and i think no1 should ever push their beliefs on some1 who doesn't believe in the same things as what they believe in...

~*~Friendship Values~*~

In a modern teens life friendship is important... But see some teens hold a close tight inner-circle of friends... And others r more open w/ less best friends...And friendships r harder 2 keep ahold of because of gossip, fights, and b/fs or g/fs... Friends fight and argue but good friends alwayz end up being friends in the end no matter what was said or done.


i believe that politicians r wrong most of the time. And that the people that say the represent us really don't!! the may represent what our parents want but what about the future leaders of the world?? do we have no say on how we all kill ourselves in Nuclear War?? I don't think we do.. My opinion is manily only given on this page and a couple of my others my voice and most others teenagers voices rn't heard until we r 18! and i won't be 18 for another 4 years but still i have an opinion. So if we rn't old enough 2 vote does that makes us less Americans than our parents? i don't thinks so!! just because they were born 20 years before we were doesn't make them more Americans then we r it just makes them really old!!

~*~LiFe FrOm My PoInT oF vIeW~*~

Life to me is something that won't last long but its something that is all we know... There r times when some ppl r to involved w/ their own lives that they forget to have fun and live a lil so technically they dun really live... There r so many things to be discovered in life that only a few will be found... like love devotion happiness sorrow pain guilt and everything in between.