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Renea T.


Dreams and Nightmares

Some people dream and some have nightmares

I live in the nightmares of my sleep

Where in my sleep i do not dream

I plot my life like a play

Dreams have unicorns, clouds, and rainbows

I have ghosts, murder, and suicide

So if you see what i mean

You will know my dreams and nightmares

Faithful Reliable Inquisative Eextrodinary No lies Dependable

Long Intense Forte Enough

Rules Extra ordinary Life Ideas rulinG Intuition Ominous commaNd

Hating Aanyone That plAys

Playing Life As You Amuse yourSelf

Fallin Love

I fell in love w/ u U fell in love w/ me I cheated U Cried I got u back i was happy U and i r supposed 2 be 2gether I love u so much Plz never leave I have high love 4 u But now it is not high love But Fallin Love Love that has shattered into millions Love that will never be forgotten Plz help pick of the peices Peices of my heart which have been shattered.

Murder VS Suicide

Murder is the killing of others Suicide is killing urself What is the major difference Most ppl don't know what they have Until it has gone They Want 2 murder themselves Comit suicide I've been there and done it I failed just once but i will never fail again Murder Suicide is the same thing So if u comit suicide And Fail u attempted murder

The Way u love me.

i love the way u kiss me i love the way u hold me tight i love ur eyes i love ur face ur all i want and ever need u gave ur virginity up 4 me and i did the same 4 u i love u so much and i will never ever forget that friday night when i had just returned from camp u showed me how much u loved me i thought u would never leave i didn't want u 2 either but u did.. now i want u 2 hold me kiss me and love me again I want my baby back


U and i together forever we'll be 2gether 4ever or so i thought i broke up w/ u for no dumb reason i want u back and ur notgonna come back i love u so much it will never fade what we had was great and i know somewhere it is still there in ur heart u know u love me just maybe not in that way. i hope u will be mine will u plz return 2 my arms once again?

See the real me.

I love u so much i wish u could see what is all hidden behind what u see i never wanted 2 hurt u or make u cry but i did i wish u could see through the wall infront of me i think u can see through it if u looked u can try and see what is truly me i want u 2 see the real me


We all lose those we love 2 other ppl or 2 death All we can do is Try 2 get them back Or find a place for them in ur heart Remeber that when u love some1 It will never leave And no1 else will ever touch that part of ur heart That part is only for that person Never for any1else I know no1 can touch that spot of my love The love i lost And maybe one day i can build on my love My love for another


WE all want peace We all want love We rarely get peace We alwayz get love But once u love another The love for that person will never leave Or never fade I know this all from experience And i will alwayz follow my heart Peace and Love 2 of the best things

Sweet and Unknown You had some1 ask 4 my # Of course i didn't give it I had no clue who u were Until now Your a sweet guy At least to me You were an unknown stranger But yet i know things about you Your sweet and supposedly cute You generally don't say much But yet ur my Sweet Uknown Stranger

Some people worry about how they look or when some1 will call them well then there are others who sit and wonder if their mother is safe Mothers sleep w/ theur children to feel safe It's scary to see your mother holding her weight against some1 she once and probably still loves its a nightmare no1 deserves to live.

Forever in harmony or so you think As they split each one dies inside Moving around in one room scared Influencing the lives of loved ones Living in fear of what will happen next Yet it goes on as though nothing ever happened.

As we all travel through our lives We make the biggest mistakes But yet we make great choices From relationships to how we live We all make the chouces Some choices are not the best But i guess we all do that I make bad choices all of the time And for some reason i don't learn from them Sometimes i feel like i'm the best in the world But then others i feel like i'm the worst of well thats life w/ all if its Good and Bad Choices and Mistakes

We all have loves and we all want to be loved by that certain other. Family love isn't the same When "Love" comes my way i run from it I can't keep one guy and i really wish i could. To have someone to love me and hold me it would be so great to be loved with out being afraid of being hurt SOme of us aren't meant to be loved by that significant other Not every one has a match But no matter what there is alwayz the love you get from your family its all some ppl need or could ever want.

If we all have a good life then y do so many cry? life is long and sad it hold us all under a spell we can't break A spell of love hatred and death the spell of life holds us 2gether it keeps us all 2gether it keeps us in the work which some of us just wanna leave and break the spell of life.

If u could only see how hard i fell for you you would understand that after every fight and break up i still care even if we aren't 2gether I will alwayz care i fell hard for you i made a promise to myself that i wouldn't fall for any person ever but you know there are expectations to every rule and you are that exception.

As we sit 2gether underneath the stars we both only we could stop the sun and have the night last forever to be able to see the stars so clearly all of the time and to be in ur arms would be a miracle if only we could stop the sun and go on in this dream we call night.