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My Diary

Renea T.
a street


4/09/03>> Its been a long ass day and i have been sitting on my butt... besides going to dance... My knee hurts really badly... it like pops everytime i straighten it out... Oh well been talking to Kelly and David... I only have like 6.5 weeks left of school and then my dance recital... my dance pics are this weekend... And then next weekend i might get to hang w/ David and then i have Easter at the Turners and then maybe family pictures... I have a half day Monday and then no school Friday i'm happy!! i finally get a few days off... Oh well i'm outtie!!

4-11-03 Today sucked it all started when Evan picked me up... he didn't say a word to me on the way to school.. and then when we got to school he went over to a few friends while i walked up to the school alone. Then during band he blew me off like 5 times!! now thats sad..., but during lunch i went over to his table and completely dissed him infront of everyone!! he damn well deserves it! well Drama was cancelled so he could take me home... he again said nothing 2 me on the way home... He came in and this lead to that and he gave me ring back... i gave him his ring and the necklace he had given me for Christmas... But b4 he left he pissed me off so badly i threw something @ him!! well thats the whole Evan thing... And then today in Gym we had to run the mile i ran it in 13:20 which sux but still i'm not exactly the athletic one in the family! Oh well hopefully i talk 2 David or some1 thats actually nice 2 me 2night!!.. and i am SO outtie April 14th, 2003 Nothing major happened today and i don't think anything will but oh well its a nice day and i got the house all to myself but that ain't everything... I had a great weekend!!! i mean nothing went wrong and i'm so glad my parents don't control me as much as they used to... My dad is a little easier when it comes to what time i have to be home... i mean i would understand if i was out getting drunk or at a party understood that they would care but when i'm just hanging out w/ a friend i dun see any problems... oh well thats just my personal opinion and its not like my opinion matters anymore... Shockingly enough i dun miss evan at all and i'm glad hes gone... I had a great time hanging w/ David!! fianlly some1 thats totally laid back and kewl to hang w/... no more prepie ass friends that r total virgins and have never cursed in their little lives... oh well i'm gonna go paint my nails again or something...BAH! 4/16/2003 My day hasn't been going very well David kinda got mad @ me last night over a hickey!! Oh well its fine w/ me he can be mad... i really do like him! but there ain't a thing i can do about it... Oh well other than that nothing has really went on recently.. and i have to go talk2 some ppl... bah!

Broken Heart

You told me that u loved me

You also took it back

As u tear my heart in 2

It doesn't matter 2 u

If i cry myself 2 sleep

Each and everynight u hurt me

It's a fact that u ahve torn my heart in 2

But u don't care

Because u know i can't say those words

That can and will hurt me worse

U also know that i care about u, a lot

And care enough 2 stay w/ u

No matter what u put me through

So that means u canm continue 2 hurt me

But i can say i love u

And i won't take it back

So this is y

I cry myself 2 sleep

Each and Every night

Hey i'n really bored @ school... lol i've had a great week so far besides the whole swimming crap!!! lol... i got a great b/f finally... oh well not much 2 say ohter than i can't wait until wednesday!! the best day of the week after 6!!! oh well i g2g byebye... Luv ya nick!!! lol