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highly Valued People in my Life. (specific order)

Shout Outs 2 My friends>>>David~~Hey! We need to hang out or maybe hook up ASAP.. and i'm officially single ;) Shannon- Don't let any1 piss u off like i have in the past!! Brandon- Thanx for not being a jerk like every1 else! Britt E.- your a good friend i never thought i had. Samantha~ your my sis and i luv ya lots. Susan- Love u lots 2! Mike~ You'll alwayz be the playa and that kinda sad.. Trent M.~ Gosh dang u had2 be a a jerkand run ur mouthso u went BYEBYE Josh D~ you need 2 grow up act more of ur own age. Sara F.~ we need 2 talk more then we have been. Rebecca N.~ Golly ned cut that hair of yours!!

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