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Some 411

Renea T.

Some information on me!

Well i'm Renea... i'm a freshman...most of u already know that... And i am single...right now i'm so single and i hate it! My favorite things 2 do r... Chat on the net w/ my friends... sometimes i even like 2 do my homework!! I love going 2 the movies or going bowling w. my friends on the weekends... My favortie book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. Austin is also my favorite author she has written books such as Emma and Sense and Sensibility. Her work is ecxellent...I'm not very good @ playing the keyboard but its something i like 2 doddle in...i'm kinda Smart when i want 2 be i get pretty good grades for a 15 year old girl living in hick town!! our school system really sux.... and our teachers r all jerks major league. and i bet they all think the same of their students so nothing new in this case. I'm rather smart when i want 2 be and i can be a major pain if i wanna be. I have been known 2 be a pain of some sort but do i really care what any1 thinks about me unless it is my b/f telling me 2 change out of my favourite outfit!! I have been in dance 4 years and i'm going on my 5th year!! Dance can sometimes be a real pain in the butt when u've been having a really bad day and i have alot of 'em...

♥ ♣ ♠ ♦What i looke like and what i like ♦ ♠ ♣ ♥

Fav. ColorBaby Blue

fav Food Cheese Pizza



GradeFreshman aka 9th

Fav. Subject History

HobbiesDance, Chatting, Chilling w/ my friends, and working on my color guard stuff

Fav. Animal/insectButterfly

Fav. song KC & JoJo~ All My Life.

Fav Names for a girl Mackenzie Renea.. for a boy Sasha Michael.