**Scene begins on a sunny April morning, in the city known as the Motor City, Detroit. Inside the apartment of XWA United States champion Sebastian Black, we see him and Tasha relaxing on the sofa, as the television can be heard in the background. Black is dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a white 'beater' tank top. Tasha is wearing a pair of white draw-string cargo pants and a violet spaghetti strap tank top. She's curled up against Black, as he has one arm around her and one arm resting on the back of the sofa**

Tasha: "Have you heard back from daddy yet?"

Black: "No not yet."

Tasha: "Still?!"

Black: "You know your old man. He's stubborn. He's probably doing it to prove a point that he's in control of the situation. But that's fine with me. I am in no rush, so he can take all the time he wants."

Tasha: "Yeah, daddy can be quite the hard ass when he wants to be. He's always been strict. Why do you think his little girl turned out to be such a prim and proper young lady?"

**She glances up at Black, biting her upper lip as she cracks an innocent smile. Black looks at her and lets out a soft laugh**

Black: "It's early. Besides, I still haven't received my pay check for beating the living hell out of my opponents the past three matches. I guess the XWA brass is upset with me because I'm making their talent look like fools."

Tasha: "No doubt, babe. Although you've got something of their's that's worth more than cash. That United States title belt."

**Black looks over to the corner of the room, where the US title sits upon a chair next to the closet. He nods his head at Tasha's statement as he gazes upon his latest accomplishment**

Black: "Got that right. That belt's stayin' around my waist until it comes a time when I don't want it anymore. It's just too bad the XWA doesn't throw me a bit more competition my way. I'd hate to go down in history as one of the softest champions for defending my belt against deadbeats and hasbeens."

**As he's speaking, Tasha tries to interupt him by tugging on his arm. He looks down at her and sees her staring at the television set, as she's pointing and gesturing for him to look at the TV. On the television set, it's the advertisement for the next XWA 'Warfare' card. The various matches are seen advertised, then it comes to the 'Sebastian Black vs. Lucifer Hawkes' match. Black removes his arm from around Tasha, and leans forward. A big grin comes across his face as the name 'Lucifer Hawkes' is displayed in bold on the television. He begins to speak in a soft tone, just slightly above a whisper**

Black: "Lucifer Hawkes...the Puppet Master...looks like the XWA has finally come to the forefront and placed an actual challenge in front of me. While I admit electricuting that putz Clayborne felt good, almost like the old days when I beat his blood, Todd Clayborne, on a weekly basis, it still didn't give me the ultimate satisfaction of beating one of the XWA's elite. But now it seems that the XWA has decided to put forth a greater challenge to push this United States champion. All I can say about that is it's about damn time."

Tasha: "Hawkes...isn't he supposed to be somewhat deranged?"

Black: "From what I gather, he takes the same type of pleasure I do in not only defeating, but humbling his foes. However, his match at Brawl for All didn't exactly end in him doing the humbling, rather he seemed to be the one humbled. Impressive display nonetheless, but he'll have to do much better if he has any hopes of defeating the 'Sadistic One'."

Tasha: "I kind of like the prospect of seeing you face a man who is just as bloodthirsty as you are. The guys they put in front of you so far have been pansies, especially that Clayborne guy. Seriously Sebastian, I don't know why you speak of Todd Clayborne in such high regard. If he's anything like Stephen Clayborne, then I'm not impressed in the least."

**Black looks over his shoulder at Tasha, as he continues to lean forward closer to the television set. He cracks a smile at his hellcat, her lust for violence as intoxicating as she is**

Black: "Tasha, the Clayborne's might not be the brightest clan in the world, but they've got alot of fight in them. I speak highly of Todd Clayborne because I take great pride in knowing that I took a once proud champion, and turned him into a frightened coward. My match with Stephen was just the first step in doing so to him as well. Mark my words, we've still got a hell of a long ways to go until I'm through with Stephen Clayborne. But in the meantime, I've got the Puppet Master to deal with."

Black: "Hawkes, I have to admit that other than your two crushing defeats, one in your chance at World title glory, and one in that hellacious match against Chris Bomber, I don't know too much about you. I've heard about your reputation, but that's all word of mouth and backstage rumors. From what I've seen, you're nothing I can't handle. But don't mistake that confident statement with overconfidence. Quite to the contrary. You see, I didn't become XWA United States champion in my second match by underestimating opponents I know very little about. Every single one of my opponents, from Xtreme, to Double R, to Stephen Clayborne, to the woman I defeated for this belt, Savanah Roberts, I held back judgement on them until I faced them in the ring. It's the only way to prepare for the unknown. Savanah learned that lesson the hard way when she automatically assumed since I was new to the federation that that made me a 'rookie'. But I'm sure that her naked waist is a constant reminder to her to not make the same mistake twice."

**Black grins into the camera**

Black: "But Lucifer, what I do know about you is your penchant for hurting people. Possibly even hurting yourself. And you know what? I like that. You're looking at an individual that likes to push the limits. I don't get an adrenaline rush until I'm pushed to the brink. And I'm sure it doesn't sit well with your ego that a new kid on the block has emerged who shares your addiction to pain and suffering. I'm sure it's eating you away deep down inside to see someone much like yourself, winning and gaining the notoriety that you seek, yet when handed the opportunity, allow to slip through the cracks."

Black: "Our match is a chance at redemption for yourself. I've got nothing to lose. I've proven I can back up what I claim, and have done so thus far in the XWA. I won this United States title in only my second match in the XWA, and did so by defeating one of the XWA's top stars, even when the odds were stacked against me. You on the other hand, you need this match to put you back in the spotlight. Failure after failure in big matches is catching up to you. You know that deep down inside, one more failure against the XWA's elite could possibly mean the end of Lucifer Hawkes as a credible name. You crave the spotlight so that you have a showcase for your darker side. Without it, you're just a 'B' film horror flic which skips the theatre and goes straight to video."

**Black leans forward and grabs a match, striking it upon the box, setting it ablaze. He holds it up to the camera, as he uses it to symbolize Lucifer Hawkes' career**

Black: "And because of that, you realize that one more failure could cause your world to come crashing down. No more spotlight, no more fame, no one giving a damn any longer about who you are or what you do. One more failure..."

**Tasha leans forward, wrapping her arms around his waist, as she rests her chin on his shoulder, grinning into the camera. Black blows out the match, as Tasha mouths the word 'poof'. Black holds the put out match up to the camera**

Black: "...and it's all over for you."

**Scene begins to fade out as the meniacal couple begin to laugh in unison**

****Scene fades out****