**Scene begins in New York City, a few days after XWA's 'Brawl For All'. We're inside a hotel room, where the furniture is over turned and the entire place is a mess. Empty bottles of champagne litter the entire carpet, as well as plastic cups and various other pizza boxes and food wrappers. Laying on the bed, we see the XWA's newly crowned United States champion, Sebastian Black. He's wearing a pair of black dress slacks and a white dress shirt. The Shirt is untucked and has none of the buttons done up, as we see his white 'beater' underneath. His hair looks as though he hasn't combed it in a couple of days, giving off that 'messy style' hair. Just then, we hear footsteps as someone comes running from off camera. We see Tasha stride towards the bed, then leap onto Black. She's wearing only a black bra and matching black bikini panties, as she straddles her man, playfully pinning him to the bed**

Tasha: "We did it, baby. We beat that closet-lesbian and those two other losers and took home the gold."

**Black struggles, albeit not very hard, to free his arms, but Tasha pins them to the bed, as she continues to grind herself down onto him**

Black: "We sure did. It's especially gratifying because now maybe Savanah will shut her annoying trap and realize that she is not, and never will be, anywhere close to my league. Maybe instead of working out in the gym and going for long jogs on sunny days, she should have actually, oh I don't know, stepped foot in a wrestling ring and learned a thing or two."

Tasha: "Aww babe, don't be so hard on her. Besides, she looked gorgeous in that ring. Watching her tight body move around the ring all night...mmmmhmmm, I thought I was gonna lose it."

Black: "True. I'll give Savanah credit for one thing, and that's that she's quite the looker. Although if you think about it, her parents deserve the credit for that. So on second thought, I give her no credit at all. And after I busted her nose with that chair, I don't even think she can fall back on her looks anymore."

**Tasha gives Black a 'aww, that's mean' look as she continues to straddle him**

Black: "But you know what I think the difference was in that match?"

Tasha: "What's that?"

**Black suddenly shifts his weight, causing Tasha to flip over and land on her back, as Black quickly gets on top of her, straddling her. She fights back, but Black is too strong and has a firm grip on her wrists, holding them down over her head. As she struggles, her breasts heave noticeably, swaying slightly from the motion of the struggle**

Black: "The element of surprise. My opponents, Savanah especially, couldn't get over the notion that despite being new to the XWA, that I am in fact not a rookie. They figured that my words and threats were nothing but idle promises from a newcomer trying to make a name for himself. Little did they know that I've been in this kind of situation many times before, and in each time I've come out on top. I proved that not only am I able to withstand any kind of punishment dished out, but I can also respond with an unmatched onslaught. Savanah found out the hard way that when Sebastian Black says he'll do something, you better damn well believe he'll do it."

**Tasha starts struggling again, this time Black letting her up. He smiles smuggly at her, as she shoots him a dirty look, as she hates not being in control. He lays on the bed right next to her, propped up on one elbow, as he starts to caress her leg and thigh**

Black: "But now it's on to my next opponent. Let me apologize ahead of time if I refer to you as Todd at any time during my address to you. See, the reason being I see so much of Todd in you. I listen to your words, and all that echo in my head are Todd's words. About how you welcome my challenge. About how you're looking forward to facing me. So forgive me should I happen to call you Todd while I retort your remarks."

Black: "But let me make one thing clear from the get go. While your words are similar, I realize you are two completely different men. My knowledge of Todd is quite extensive, from watching his memorable feud with Jared Blazer, to my own encounters with him. I know the kind of fighter Todd is. I realize he does not back down from a challenge, or be scared off easily. Which is why I take great pride in knowing I ran him off. You see, Todd Clayborne is, was, and always will be one of the true stars of this sport. Which makes my accomplishment all that more spectacular. If Todd was just your average 'Joe Blow', then beating and humiliating him to the point where he can't take it anymore would hold very little meaning. But since Todd was known throughout his career for never backing down from a challenge, the fact that I wore him down to the point he wanted no part of me any further makes it that much sweeter."

**Even though Black is addressing Clayborne, his eyes remain locked on Tasha. He continues to stare deep into hers, moving his hand up and down her side, tracing a line over her hips, her sides, and the elastic band of her panties. She stares back at him with lust in her eyes. The look on her face is that of pure raw sexual energy, almost as if she's straining just to control herself from mounting Black once more and making wild love to him. Black continues**

Black: "You on the other hand, you might be a greater challenge to break than Todd was. But please don't take that as a compliment. The reason I say you'll be tougher to break isn't because I think you're more fearless than Todd, or that you're tougher than Todd. No, the reason is a simple one, and one which you might not like to hear. The reason is because you lack something Todd had in abundance...intelligence."

Black: "That's right Stephen, when I look at you, when I hear you speak, it's obvious as night and day that intelligence isn't a family trait. You ramble on and on about wanting to feel how sadistic I can be, and how no matter how much punishment I dish out, you'll keep coming back for more. Stephen, that's not commendable, that's just plain stupid. The fact is, I don't expect you to run and hide like Todd did, because I know you're too stupid to realize when you're getting your ass handed to you. You're like a little kid who keeps sticking his finger in the light socket because he's too stupid to realize that each time he does he's going to get electrocuted. Don't mistake this for me promising to go easy on you, but I know my opponents' strengths and weaknesses, and adjust accordingly. Going out of my way just to hurt and maim you won't serve any purpose other than to bog me down in a feud that will go nowhere."

Black: "You see Stephen, that's what people often don't realize about me. When asked what my number on strength is, the often incorrect answers range from my brutality, to my ability to absorb punishment, to my wrestling skills. But while all those answers aren't necessarily incorrect, since I do possess each one of those in abundance. But my number one strength, the thing that time and time again puts me at an advantage over my foe...my intelligence. I study my opponents, I seek out their strengths and weaknesses, and then aim to exploit them. People think that the mayhem I cause, the destruction I leave behind me is all random acts of violence. But truth be told, that's the farthest thing from the truth. There's always method to my madness. That's what separates me from the rest. That's what makes me as dangerous as I am."

**Black starts to unhook Tasha's bra strap. The camera switches to a frontal view of Black, with Tasha's back turned to the camera, as Black removes Tasha's bra, and discards it onto the floor. He begins to stroke her bare back as he continues on**

Black: "Make me bleed. Make me howl in agony. Stephen, those words enflame me. I have no fear of pain. As a matter of fact, I get off on it. Just look at my match at the Pay Per View. I was split wide open, I had my ankle twisted in directions it shouldn't be twisted. And you know what, I was having the time of my life."

Black: "Stephen, for your sake, I hope you're coming more prepared for our match than just to fight sadism with sadism. Because if that's all you've got planned, then not only am I going to beat you to within an inch of your life, but I'm going to hurt you where it means more...the win column. Bring the pain, I'll just bring more."

**Scene begins to fade out as Black leans forward and kisses Tasha on the lips. She returns his kiss and wraps her arms tightly around him. His hands slide down to her panties, and the scene fades as he begins to slide the panties off her, as the camera catches only a glimpse of the top portion of her bare bottom**

****Scene fades out****